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The Vampire Diaries Episode Trailer: A Killer Party Invite

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Don't let the outfits in the following Vampire Diaries preview fool you. Black tie does not always equate to boring and stuffy.

Indeed, following an Original reunion to close out this week's "Bringing Out the Dead," our favorite CW thrilled has sent out an invitation to all fans. Just be warned: the party to come on next Thursday's "Dangerous Liaisons" look to be killer - and we aren't just talking about the punch.

Look for a formal ball to take center stage on the installment, hosted at Klaus' new mansion. Elena will attend, so will both Salvatore suitors, and Caroline will discover a new side to the host on the dance floor, as teased in this set of episode photos.

What "horrifying plan," as teased in the official CW synopsis, will Elena become privy to? And who will she trust with that information? Rats. We'll need to tune in and find out...

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This coming episode looks good,i'm really more interested about the originals family storyline,i want to know more about them the original witch in particular,i don't think she's a good witch how can she just say she came back to forgive klaus after what he did to her and her family for 1000years,she has some agenda.


More Rebekka and Elijah screen time please!!


seriously there has to be a spim of called the Originals, im falling for them hard...


ok maybe im mad but Kol is hot.... and he and boonie would go so good together




"It's some twisted Cinderella fetish", wow, I love Caroline!


well this is gonna be fun ;-) , and i am just wondering why everyone why nobody is caring about what miss Katerina is doing right know ? i give you a little tip, maybe she is running around and killing people in mystic falls :O .... Teori; she is the only person who maybe has the same DNA like Elena, and maybe she want the others to get the weapon that could kill klaus so she could come back safety ?? but you never know what is going to happen maybe i am wrong ?..


its probably elena but can one hope it might be TATIA!


...and some people clearly have no sense of humor...


Yes, Caroline, be thankful that you were invited to a party hosted by a bunch of psychopaths that most likely plan to kill you and everyone else in that town..:|..some people really think that fancy always equals great. Stop being so shallow! RME