30 Rock Review: Son of a Dingbat

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Sometimes a joke doesn't always hit on the first try. On occasion, a reference is actually inserted into the script so that can make you laugh later on in the episode. Both of these situations were executed perfectly at some point during "Standards and Practices."

30 Rock enjoys the callback in general, but it was specifically successful at it with the use of the word "dingbat" and in spreading out a couple of appearances by Jack's friend Akaido – Update: Kato – and his sneak attacks.

Liz Lemon  at Her Desk

Liz originally bringing up the fact that "dingbat" was the worst word that could now be used on TGS wasn't necessarily funny, but the fact that she ended up taking even it out of the script was. Jack jumping on board and exclaiming "son of a dingbat" on multiple occasions was absolutely the icing on the hysterical cake.

Elsewhere, we were treated to a number of moments that were hilarious all on their own... specifically everything that happened once Liz walked into the men's restroom. From using a man's voice to talk to Ken to only being able to come up with the fake name Kenneth Toilet Hole, Tina Fey was on her game.

Once again, 30 Rock used the callback when Kaylie couldn't come up with a good name to call Jack, ending up with Jackie Office Couch.

The rest of the material dealing with Jack and Kaylie was fine, and Jenna handling her egg babies was decent, but story-wise I was most impressed by the fact that they found something interesting to do with Kenneth. By giving him an actual job, that for some reason he has become good at, he doesn't have to be so absurd all of the time.

His stint in the Standards Department should continue for a while. I mean have YOU seen anyone live bleep like that? I didn't think so.

It was a nice episode of 30 Rock this week. It wasn't amazing, but as always, there enough funny moments to make it worth all of our whiles. Take a look at some of the hilarious quotes from the half hour below, and then read the rest at our 30 Rock Quotes page.

Hank: Last time I was this excited...was this morning. I saw a cat wearing the same sweater as its person. | permalink
Tracy: I feel like Oscar the Grouch today, and not just because I woke up in a garbage can this morning startling someone named Gordon. | permalink
Kaylie: My mom is in Indonesia visiting her charity where poor children make shoes.
Jack: Isn't that just a sweatshop? | permalink
Jack: Whatever are you doing here, Kaylie Hooper?
Kaylie: Enjoying my total lack of adult supervision. I just had fruit roll ups for dinner...at a strip club. | permalink


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Jenna's storyline was forgettable, but the Kaylie/Jack rivalry is hilarious!


Kaylee/Jack was fun.


Good for Kenneth doing stuff on his own.


One of the funnier ones.


I loved the fact that Jenna has 6 kids out there. It truly made me laugh so much how alike they all were. I hope we see them in future.
I enjoy the rivalry between Kaylie and Jack. This was much more enjoyable compared to the one in season 5.


It's Kato...I'n reference to the classic Peter Sellers "Pink Panther" movies.