Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: It's Ladies Night!

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It's ladies night on the April 12 episode of Grey's Anatomy.

The ABC medical drama returns next Thursday, April 5, with "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" (follow the links for the Grey's Anatomy promo and photos from that episode). The following week brings us "Support System."

In that installment, Callie, Arizona and Bailey decide to plan a much needed ladies night for Teddy.

That will surely lead to some good times ... or at least interesting ones?


Meanwhile, a devastated Cristina presses Owen to confess the intimate details of his affair, and Mark takes his new authority seriously when he steps in as chief for a day and butts heads with Richard over a transplant.

Finally, Callie deems Meredith ready for the boards, while the rest of the residents keep stressing about the exam.

Click to enlarge the photos from "Support System" and comment below:

Tense Moment
Owen Looking On
Yang Pic
Xtina Yang
Richard in the OR
Mark About to Go to Work
Mark Prepares to Operate
Arizona and Miranda
Callie's Got Wine
Girls Night Out on Grey's
Drs. Torres and Bailey
Ms. Torres

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We are getting so tried of repeats, if this continues your going to loss 2 fans. We make arrangements to be together for viewing and even when we see new episode to air...We get our glass of wine to enjoy and are very disappointed to see it's just another repeat. Get your act together NBC & Global....


Im looking forward to seeing the ladies go out. I really enjoy those scenes when the characters get together outside if work. I loved drunk Bailey! She was hilarious. Plus it's about time they let Teddy move forward. And if course anything involving Calzona is just icing on the cake :)


I'm with Cathy. I have a feeling that Sandra Oh will be out at the end if this season. If not, then possibly a lighter work schedule.


@stephanie noo they were divorced already I think! when christina visited their parents it came around and eh CROWEN IS GOING to be FINE kevin mckidd (OWEN) TWEETED it himself


I agree for Mederith to be pregnant at the end of the season its time


@amb2kool yes jessica capshaw is once again pregnant i dont think they will write it in to the show


Sandra Oh is leaving Grey's after season 8. Mark my words. This is the sole reason for this stupid storyline. It's merely for the sake of drama and the show's hope for viewers. Nothing more.


Owen is a cheater. When he first kissed Cristina (the night of the car crash when he pulled out her icickle) I think he was still engaged with his ex. He broke things off only when he came back the second time. Am I wrong?


is it me or is jcap showing?


I could be wrong but i dont believe Owen cheated on Christina. I think he is trying to hurt her because he is hurting about what has happened between them especailly the abortion. It could also be he is looking for a way out and by him doing this christina could say we are done. I just feel like there is more to the story. I hope meredith finds out she is pregnant at the end of the season.

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