Hawaii Five-0 Picture Preview: Keeping the Kalele

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The March 19 episode of Hawaii Five-0 will feature a couple of key guest stars.

First, Tom Sizemore will return as Chief Fryer, coming back on board to help the team clear the name of Mary Ann McGarrett, who will face drug smuggling charges on "Kalele" (translation: faith). Also assisting Danny, Kono and company?

August March, a character Ed Asner originally portrayed in 1975 on the original Hawaii Five-0. Click around below to get your first look at both Sizemore and Asner from the installment and, as always, return to TV Fanatic soon after the hour concludes for a detailed review...

Ed Asner on Hawaii Five-0
Return of Chief Fryer
Ed Asner in Action
Danny and Fryer
Chin, Kono, Danny and Chief Fryer
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@Amazingalex.....thanks. Monday's episode should be good. I will try to just take the rest of the season as it comes, which is easier now that we know for sure there is going to be a 3rd season. I do like that the others on the team are getting a chance to do more acting, they deserve it. I've seen the still pictures tweeted by the actors for the crossover show. I love the one with Chin, Danny, Callen, and Sam in a line pointing their guns, I hope it gets in the show, thats a great shot.


@zia...Hey girl!! :)No the article said specifically that when he comes back is not confirmed if it is this season or next. It kind of made me think they are taking one episode at a time this season for alex's sake. I liked his character too, very much. I know the end of this season was supposed to revolve around steve and wo fat. Terry o quinn will probably be able to return for a few episodes to wrap up the story even with his pilot (I would think.) One thing we know for sure is none of this can be done without alex. There is only so many episodes they can do without him.


@Amazingalex.....Did Jimmy Buffett say this season or next season? I know Terry OQuinn has a lead in a new pilot, so I'm thinking he won't have much time to reprise Joe White next season, but you never know. I liked the way Jimmy played his character. I also hope that means we will see Alex in the finale. That's great as long as he is OK.


Jimmy Buffett just confirmed he is returning to H50, playing same character. I am thinking this will be part of the wo fat story. I am excited about this.
I am ready for this story to pick back up.


There is a picture out of a scene of the crossover of H50 and NCIS. If anyone wants to see it, I will send you the link by private message or just go the other well known site we usually frequent. It is a cool pic, wish alex was in it but alas.:(


@Matt Richenthal,editor...The word idiot is now classified as a derogatory term, same as deragatory words used in race or disabilities. Are allowed to use these words on this site.


@Mike..yup she is a stunner!! Not too many woman can be that tiny. I was watching some AOL vids and some fans have made some beautiful ones for alex to support him. They made me emotional. He has got some great fans! Be careful the vids will get to you. :(


I wonder what kind of exercise program Grace park has. Whatever it is it's working. That woman would look great in a potato sack...


@zia...I cannot imagine an episode without him. I am going to try to watch it to support the show but it might make it that much more real that he is gone for a while. :( I feel sad already. :( I personally think he will be back soon. He just seems like such a determined guy. That is going to work in his favor. But if not I will learn to accept it.


Lena....Thanks, I did not see that. I was wondering why they kept saying 23 instead of 24 episodes. I saw this on spoiler TV about Masi Oka's episode: Masi twitted this earlier saying the episode about Max Bergman will be shown on CBS on April 9th. This episode will not feature Alex but possibly may be featured in a small scene. Amazingalex.....I'm with you. I'm so relieved to hear for sure that we get another season that I'm just hoping Alex takes his time. If we don't see him until the finale, then so be it, that gives him more time. I don't see how they can do the finale without him, but maybe in a less capacity.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

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