Hawaii Five-0 Review: Marching In

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Kalele: Faith.

Welcome back to Hawaii Five-0, Ed Asner! The veteran actor is not the first to have appearance in the original series and then come on board 30 years later in the same role. However, he is the first one who we actually watched in both universes, as "Kalele" aired a clip from 1975.

Ed Asner on Hawaii Five-0

Beyond the depth that was added by the use of this flashback, Asner's portrayal of August March was very well done. I did not see him double crossing Angela at all. And it was really needed given that I had guessed from the outset that Angela had faked her own kidnapping.

Did anyone else catch the ever-so-slight change they made to the McGarrett lineage from the previous series to now? March said "There was a young officer named McGarrett who transported me to prison, I offered him 100 grand to help me." But in the original episode, McGarrett was a full detective, not a young officer, and Jack Lord was in his 50s at the time.

I'm okay with the change, though, given that Alex O'Loughlin was born in 1976, when Lord was 56 years old. I'm surprised they didn't play the original Steve McGarrett off as his grandfather. Especially given that William Sadler - who portrayed Jack McGarrett, Steve's father - was born in 1950 and it would have fit in the timeline.

Mary hasn't appearance since November - on the episode where they busted Kaleo (Jason Scott Lee) - and  then she turned up here and suddenly they have reason to go see Kaleo? It's either way to coincidental, or the writers need to expand their range when attempting to tie in earlier episodes from this series.

Finally, I have to admit that Captain Fryer has grown on me. Maybe Tom Sizemore has finally settled into the role or maybe I'm softening on him as he grows a little hair. Either way he had one of my favorite Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week.

What did everyone else think of the outing? Are there any other characters/actors from the original series you would like to see turn up?


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Michelle Borth is not replacing one of the Core-4. There is no way that this is going to happen unless the Producers and CBS want a revolt. She is not going to be part of the team. She is going to continue to play Lt. Catherine Rollins. She will help the team and Steve with Intel and technology as in the past. She will have personal moments with Steve. She may interact with the other team members when they are relaxing. CBS shows have levels of regulars. Some regulars are like the Core-4 regulars and some are like Max. I think Michelle was made a regular so she would be more available to the show...if she didn't have a contract she would likely have ended up on another show as a regular. She is a really good actress...beautiful and smart. I love her and Steve together. They have an adult relationship. They aren't playing that stupid will they or won't they get together game. They get together and enjoy each other...who wouldn't. I like the idea that Catherine has a career...she went to the Naval Academy and has a significant job in Intel.


According to my poll, Joe has the pole position, Fryer is second and then comes Lori, fourth is an HPD police officer. 194 people voted so far. I don't think it's Chin. I put my money on Joe and my second guess is the HPD police officer.


@Jeffrey SK.....seriously? I think you might be going for the shock factor, but not buying it. The core 4 have contracts, any one of them being killed off would kill the show. Michelle Borth coming on as a regular does not mean that she will be a 5th member of the team or will take another member's place. She is still in the Navy, and still has the connections to help the team out. As far as her taking a smaller part after Combat Hospital, Masi Oka had a pretty big part on Heroes and now is seen on most of the episodes, but does not have one of the larger parts. Hawaii is a big attraction, as well as not being an umemployed actress for however long.
Chin is not going anywhere.


I would also like to add that is my impression after Combat Hospital Michelle Borth would not come on in some what a limited 5-10 minute an episode like Rachel or the museum lady or other characters, she has had an extensive role on that other show and wouldn't sign on to be window dressing so something is going to have to change either one of the Core Four is going to have to go or there is going to be 5 permanent members again, it is reality!


I have been busy with work and been on this site, I understand there is a poll about who is going to be killed off in the season finale, and with the news Catherine,Michelle Borth, I have come to a rather susprising conclusion. It's going to be a tear-jerker, a several hankie moment,It's going to be a core four member, Daniel Dae-Kim/Chin is going to die! Here is why 3 reasons the show does need another strong female officer and with Lori never coming back hence Catherine. Next the Core Four dynamic remains intact without additional members taking up space aqnd ruining chemistry. Lastly the teams will be gender equal with Steve and Danny, Kono and Catherine,they will never kill off Grace Park to much public relations flack.I hate to share this but the writing is on the wall 4 is enough 5 is to many,and Chin is going to have to go! Michelle Borth would never sign on as a regular if not for a very meaty roll as one of the team so therefore the changes and inevitable reality so get ready for Steve and Danny and Catherine and Kono, and the qne of their own is Chin, abd a very sad funeral with Malia and everything!


@Zia...Good point about the USS Enterprise, is going to be decommissioned in December
and they really can use that to keep Catherine on land. I agree with you Catherine is already an established character on the show with an established relationship with Steve. Catherine is a strong woman who works at the Navy and has a history with Steve they know each other for years, they made the right choice to give her the part of Steve's love interest And she has good chemistry with the other members of Five-O so there isn't any awkwardness as before when Lori came aboard. I think she will be used with the same screentime that Masi Oka gets now. I only wonder how they gonna use her character more on the show hope not only as Steve's girlfriend to give Steve a private live but also as her Navy skills.


I'm a McKono shipper till i die but McRollins is dam cute. I just want to see Steve happy and if that means mckono doesnt happen then so be it.
Hope this doesnt mean grace park will be leaving


I've reading mostly good feelings about Catherine joining the show as a regular. There are a couple of opposing opinions, but so far good. I have also read that people are afraid that once she is shown more often that people will be upset like with the Lori character. I don't think so. This is a totally different situation, she is already established as to what she is, and I would hope that TPTB, would use her as they use Max. The ship that Catherine is suppose to be on, the USS Enterprise, is going to be decommissioned in December of this year in real life, so maybe they will use this to get her on the island in some other capacity.


@Kaydee...You might want to do what Zia is and wait for Netflix. The DVD is kind of a rip off. Canadian series are usually 12 or 13 eps, but they still charge a premium price for the DVD.


thanks jschoi. will def check it out! (I'm going to have to quit my job in order to catch up on all the tv shows I want to/need to see!! LOL!)

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

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