Hawaii Five-0 Review: Marching In

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Kalele: Faith.

Welcome back to Hawaii Five-0, Ed Asner! The veteran actor is not the first to have appearance in the original series and then come on board 30 years later in the same role. However, he is the first one who we actually watched in both universes, as "Kalele" aired a clip from 1975.

Ed Asner on Hawaii Five-0

Beyond the depth that was added by the use of this flashback, Asner's portrayal of August March was very well done. I did not see him double crossing Angela at all. And it was really needed given that I had guessed from the outset that Angela had faked her own kidnapping.

Did anyone else catch the ever-so-slight change they made to the McGarrett lineage from the previous series to now? March said "There was a young officer named McGarrett who transported me to prison, I offered him 100 grand to help me." But in the original episode, McGarrett was a full detective, not a young officer, and Jack Lord was in his 50s at the time.

I'm okay with the change, though, given that Alex O'Loughlin was born in 1976, when Lord was 56 years old. I'm surprised they didn't play the original Steve McGarrett off as his grandfather. Especially given that William Sadler - who portrayed Jack McGarrett, Steve's father - was born in 1950 and it would have fit in the timeline.

Mary hasn't appearance since November - on the episode where they busted Kaleo (Jason Scott Lee) - and  then she turned up here and suddenly they have reason to go see Kaleo? It's either way to coincidental, or the writers need to expand their range when attempting to tie in earlier episodes from this series.

Finally, I have to admit that Captain Fryer has grown on me. Maybe Tom Sizemore has finally settled into the role or maybe I'm softening on him as he grows a little hair. Either way he had one of my favorite Hawaii Five-0 quotes this week.

What did everyone else think of the outing? Are there any other characters/actors from the original series you would like to see turn up?


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@Martinelli.....thanks for letting us know. I just went to check it out myself. I love the Catherine character and will love to see more of her. I wonder if she will still be on the ship or will be transferred to the island in some other capacity. I wonder if she will be like Max, a regular, but not in every episode. Oh well, I like this, glad to see McG have someone steady in his life at this point especially since I think Joe is the one being killed off. @Jschoi.....I loved the pictures of Michelle and Grace Park together at the charity. I'm actually waiting for Combat Hospital to come to netflix, maybe since its at amazon, will show up soon.


@Kaydee...Season 1 of Combat Hospital was just released this month and is available on amazon.


@kaydee...I love the way you think girl!! :) Yes I switched my avi. Look at how handsome he is!! :)He always looks good. @Mike..I agree, grace park is not going anywhere, I think that is a given. I dont think any of the four are leaving.


Don't worry boys and girls. It won't be Kono because the "Powers That Be" know that if Kono is gone, whatever male audience they have will be gone (me for sure) as well. If there is an unsung hero on this show, it is definitely Grace (Kono) Park. She's tough, very smart and, as I'm sure all you guys agree, very easy on the eyes...


@Lena - love it McRollins!!! too cute! we should get tee shirts made w/it! and yep, no more lookin for love (w/all the wrong people) for McG! @amazingalex - true we don't want to often or, heaven forbid, married!! but as long as she shows up often enough to get McG's shirt off, wink, wink :-)! you changed your pix - nice one (but which one of him isn't nice!) @martinelli - never saw Combat Hospital - but will have to find it and watch it. I'll add it to my list of must-sees!


Me to lena!! :)


I am so freaking happy that Michelle Borth joins H5O as a regular next season! Best news of the day Steve McGarrett get's a love life and no more casting for a love interest anymore! for him Yayyyy!! McRollins Forever!!!!


@martinelli...well of course good for us. I miss that chest of his!! ha ha!! Whatever it takes to see it again. @kaydee..I am excited she is coming on as a regular, they have good chemistry. I dont know that I want him getting married on the show or anything but if they keep it sort of like it is now I will enjoy it. Maybe see her a bit more then we did before. @jschoi..Yes it is all good!!! :) :) Yes it will be good if she shares scenes with the whole team. I thought they were really natural and got along really well when she was at the benefit. She fits in well with all of them. Her scenes with kono were really good.


@amazingalex....I didn't respond to you a few days back because I wanted the subject to get back on track. Thank you, it's all good. I very happy to hear Michelle will be a regular, I hope whatever her role is it will include some scenes with Kono, I think they are 2 strong women and would have some great chemistry together.


@kaydee - I've seen her in Combat Hospital and she's really amazing.

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Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

Kono: The airline gave us her cell phone number, but it goes straight to voice mail.
Steve: That makes sense right? If she's been kidnapped.
Danny: You trying to convince us or yourself?
Steve: Maybe a little of both.

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