South Park Review: "Cash For Gold"

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I can't imagine this week's knock against "Cash For Gold" scam shops hit home with any South Park fans quite the way a TSA pat down would. Nor could I imagine too many fans have been victims of home shopping networks, either.

Buy from Cartman!

Well, maybe some of us have some relatives that have fallen victim to the latter. Yeah, myself included. So at least those digs were a little better for me.

But, really, the key to any South Park is how it ridiculously ties everything two seemingly unrelated plots. This week we followed Stan, Kyle and Kenny (yes, he's alive and well) as they followed every Hindu fart proverb all the way to India as they tried to get to the bottom of who's to blame for ripping off Billie's grandfather and thus Randy's inheritance.

So who was it? Was it the Cash 4 Gold stores, the home shopping networks, the Indians who make the jewelry, or Cartman's far-fetched theory of the Asian ladies he likes to f**k. Apparently, it's some combination of the first three. Or as Stan put it best: "Whoever smelt it, denied it and rhymed it."

No, it wasn't exactly a biting satire of the stores or network. But our adventure to India has some great laughs, especially when Stan would call into Jewel Bonanza asking Dean to kill himself. 

Even if the A story wasn't the strongest, you can always count on Cartman for the laughs. Using a bit similar to when he accused his mother of trying to f**k him, Cartman stepped up the game here when old women and Asian ladies were involved.

Overall, the episode wasn't as brilliant as Cartman's formula or even last week's satire. But that didn't mean there weren't a few good South Park quotes along the way. Some of my random observations:

  • Are you a fan of panzo-panzanite?  
  • Bolo ties are really in right now.
  • You should be saving it for when you die. That's our money
  • Love the fact that Taco Bell bought gold. Seven-layer burrito but that's as high as I'm going.
  • I gotta get the taste of old lady dick out of my mouth.
  • We have got to hire Butters as the official TV Fanatic sign twirler.
  • How much do you think Sean Penn got for his Milk Oscar? $8? $9 tops?
  • I'm calling about those peridot earrings. I think they'd look good on your dead body.

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you're a terrible reviewer eric!


its not all about fun.....why cant people accept that? south park is genious and way more deeper than it used to be. its called changing and its natural.


I seen last week's episode - you know the one about the toilet? Didn't find it that funny - but I thought South Park was returning to form, and that episode wasn't bad.. then came this pile of crap.
It was the most dull 20 minutes of my life, I watched it waiting for something funny.. nothing.
It was one of the worst episodes ever.


This was brilliant TV. What is funny is that I switched over to the I'm a little bit country episode (season 7) on a different channel. Each ad break had a cash for gold commercial. Even though the episode was hilarious it is also a bit sad for me because my grandma is addicted to TV shopping networks.


When Cartman sang "Suck My Balls" !!


"you have lady balls" is one of my favorite lines from this season


The Life Cycle of Cash for Gold song cracks me up every time.


Southpark is not that funny anymore. Laughed like twice, maybe 3 times if that...weak...


Great episode, IMO the best South Park episode in awhile, They did what only they can do....Bring humor laced with real perspective on a true issue. I noticed that Family Guy has tried to bring the same recipe to the table over the past few seasons and to me FG comes off as awkward when they try....SP is probably the closes the entertainment community can get to having it's finger on America's pulse.


Gotta agree with Mike on this episode. This wasnt necessarily about the laughs, it was more about the way old people are often shamelessley exploited. I actually found this episode to have quite alot to laugh at, and at the same time, I also found alot of it to be quite touching

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South Park Season 16 Episode 2 Quotes

You should be saving it for when you die. That's our money.


You may suck our collective balls, sir.