On South Park Season 18 Episode 10, Kyle plans a holiday TV special while Cartmaaan Bra is still trending as holograms run rampant.


On South Park Season 18 Episode 9, Kyle believes a whole new generation is passing him by. Swedish videogame vlogger Felix Kjellberg lends his voice to the installment.

"Cock Magic"

On South Park Season 18 Episode 8, Kenny dives into "Magic: The Gathering." Elsewhere, Randy discovers that he actually has a new skill. Who knew?!?

"Grounded Vindaloop"

On South Park Season 18 Episode 7, Butters begins to believe he is living in a virtual reality. This ends up contributing to him getting stabbed by a hooker.

"Freemium Isn't Free"

On South Park Season 18 Episode 6, Phillip and Terrence feel bad about the fortune they're making on their new addictive app. Read on for more.

"The Magic Bush"

On South Park Season 18 Episode 5, Butters and Cartman uncover a drone and use it to spy on the town. Clearly, nothing can go wrong at all with this idea, right?


On South Park Season 18 Episode 4, the taxi driver realizes that his competition is Timmy. Things, as you can imagine, grow rather intense from there.

"The Cissy"

On South Park Season 18 Episode 3, Randy does all he can to keep a secret. But the pressure proves to be a lot more than this young man can handle.

"Gluten Free Ebola"

South Park becomes the first town in America to go gluten free after seeing a disturbing demonstration. The trend spreads throughout the town.

"Go Fund Yourself"

South Park took aim at a number of subjects on South Park Season 18 Episode 1. Most notable among them? Daniel Snyder, the owner of the Redskins.

South Park Quotes

Stan: Hey Cartman, how come the birthday invitation you gave me says "Green Megaman."
Kyle: Yeah, mine says "Red Megaman."
Cartman: Right, that's what your supposed to get me for my birthday.
Stan: DUDE!?!?! You're not supposed to tell people what to give you for your birthday!
Kyle: Yeah, that's weak.
Cartman: Look it's very simple guys. "Green Megaman" goes with "Red Megaman" and "Yellow Megaman" to make the "Ultra Mega Megaman." You have to have all 3 or it doesn't work, see?
Stan: Up yours Cartman, I'll get you whatever the hell I want.
Cartman: Ohh!!! so maybe you don't want to have any of my moms Cake, Pie, and Ice cream then.
Stan: Oh "Gre..Green Megaman" it is.
Cartman: Now as you can see Kenny, you are to get me "Yellow Megaman," that's because the "Yellow Megaman" is the cheapest one and I know how poor your family is.
(Damien walks to table)
Stan: Hey!?!?! what do you think you're doing new kid?
Cartman: Yeah, you can't sit with us weirdo.
Damien: Infidel's!!!! I will turn you all into "Beasts of Burden"!
Kyle: You can't sit with us new kid, go find another table!
(Damien goes and sits with Pip)
Cartman: (sighs) Anyway Kenny, "Yellow Megaman" is only $8.95, so maybe your mom can put it on layaway and make payments in a year, or two.
(Stan, Kyle, and Cartman laugh. Kenny punches Cartman)
Cartman: AYYY!!!!

It's a man's obligation to stick his boneration in a woman's separation, this sort of penetration will increase the population of the younger generation.

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