The Mentalist Review: A Red John Disciple?

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Could Patrick Jane be a Red John disciple? There are certainly plenty of theories out there. Some have even commented on these reviews that they believe Jane is Red John himself.  "Cheap Burgundy," meanwhile, floated the idea that the FBI has its own theory.

But let's cover our murder cases first. Sometimes I really love that Jane isn't a macho guy. It leads to funny moments such as when he taunted the murderer, got socked in the nose and then ran away yelling for Lisbon to come save him. 

What made it even more humorous was that with her hair up in that pony tail and her petite frame, Lisbon resembled a 12-year old girl. But there she was, all the same, standing between Jane and the burly guy trying to beat the crap out of him.

Did anyone believe that the Lt. Governor wanted Jane on that case? No? I didn't think so.

Jane and Darcy

Jane wasn't kidding when he told Agent Darcy to quit the play acting because she wasn't good at it. For a seasoned FBI agent the woman was a horrible liar. From trying to convince Jane that she needed him to crack the case to pretending this was some sort of seduction, everything she did felt stilted and strange.

Until she asked Jane if he truly believed Red John was dead. Of course a large, blood-covered, knife-wielding murder suspect wandered out of the woods at just that moment. What were the odds?

Jane did one Hell of an accurate read on the man as he stalked towards Darcy, knife in hand. He wanted to force her to kill him. Only Jane's quick thinking stopped an innocent man from ending up dead.

When James gave Patrick that heartfelt hug, I didn't think he could have looked more uncomfortable. There isn't much physical contact in Jane's life. It made me wonder if he is distressed by any closeness that he doesn't initiate or control.

Back at the CBI, I was surprised that the arrogant, jackass of a suspect got under Lisbon's skin. Did he really rattle her by bringing up her daddy issues or was she just that ticked off by his attitude? Although I agreed that he was the most likely culprit, I was perplexed that she didn't take Cho's advice and look at other suspects.

Rigsby trying to hypnotize the man was ridiculous, but as I've never thought much of Wayne, it was more amusing than anything. Unless it's a arson case, he truly is the weak link on this team.

Lisbon was visibly thrilled when Jane called her to say he needed her help. She was practically beaming over the phone. And their joint admissions of missing the other were cute. Lisbon seemed to take it at face value but Jane almost looked confused, as though he was trying to figure out the meaning behind her words. But perhaps Jane's mind always looks for hidden meanings whether they are there or not.

How great was Jane's reading on Darcy? I loved it when he slipped into psychic mode. He's just so damn good at reading people. Unfortunately, this time his talent may have only made a bad situation worse. But Darcy did ask some good questions. If Red John wanted to make Jane suffer, why hasn't he gone after anyone from the CBI? 

In the end, Lisbon was right to be concerned over Darcy's accusation. She knew the FBI agent wouldn't let it go. 

So how far do you think Darcy will go to prove that Jane has a connection to Red John? Do you think there's any truth to it? I don't, but as I've said, I know some fans believe otherwise. And is Wainwright really on board with this investigation into Jane or simply playing both sides? Tell us your theories and don't miss the special Friday night bonus episode of The Mentalist TONIGHT.


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I'd believe that darcy was the one working with Red john before i would think jane is.


Jane can't turn out to be an evil bad guy (being a con man et al makes him interesting, like "bad boy", not bad). The simple reason is that it would ruin the millions of dollars they would all get a piece of in syndication. That doesn't mean they won't try to play games with the fans for the fun of the twists -- Simon Baker has pretty much said as much about the twists in interviews. Still, I would think they would have to do something new each time (meaning wouldn't Wainright being RJ's guy be a repeat of Bosco's secretary and wouldn't Darcy being killed or driven insane be a repeat of the psychic who went crazy?).


the most interesting moment to me was when darcy told jane that he was a cruel man. jane holds up a mirror to people's faces and they don't often like what they see. he asked to do the reading to put her in a one-down position. telling someone they're an inept seducer cuts very deep. and the narcissistic blow had her reeling. she pretty much hates him. of course, that's what makes jane so powerful and beguiling. when he uses his powers for you, it's thrilling. when he uses them against you, it's pretty devastating. bruno heller is a great writer. he makes some of the other writers on the show seem like they're playing checkers to his three-dimensional chess.


Jane is definitely not Red John, nor is he a disciple. Red John is attracted to Jane as an extraordinarily able opponent. RJ loves the competition. Jane remains obsessed with getting revenge, so he continues the competition. When Jane did that reading of Darcy, most of what he said also applied to his own life, as shown by the expression on Jane's face when he finished. (What a GREAT face actor Simon Baker is!!) Now that it is known that Jane did not kill the real Red John, I expect RJ will murder someone fairly close to the CBI team to keep the chase going - and MAYBE make the murder look like Jane was protecting RJ, as Darcy claims. I LOVE this series! Great story, great acting, the works!


I thought before that Wainwright might be one of RJ's disciples, RJ always has to have a connection close. After last night, I think that Darcy could be a RJ disciple, but she may also think its someone in CBI, thinking it is Jane, but its really Wainwright. I love how the writers like to lead people to different conclusions, makes it interesting. I don't think that Jane is RJ or one of his disciples. Unless this is the end of the show, which I have not heard anything about that. For those who believe this, then why would they have someone suspect Jane as being RJ at this point? Nope, not buying it.


the most interesting moment for me was when darcy told jane he was a very cruel man. he always holds a mirror up to people's faces and not everyone likes what they see. telling her that she's an inept seducer definitely made her an enemy. quite a narcissistic blow. bruno heller is a great writer. he makes some of the other writers look like they're playing checkers to his three-dimensional chess. bruno also knows what a fine piece of horse flesh he has in simon baker so he made the most of his beauty in every shot. half of jane's power is that his looks burn your corneas while his wit cuts you to the quick. you can see why the french love patrick jane. he really has a jean paul belmondo quality.


Jane is not Red John. It's imposible Jane to be RJ but Darcy wants them to believe it. Is she RJ friend?


jane is red john


If the CBI boss trend stands, Wainwright should be played out by the season finale. Minelli - 208
Hightower - 316
Wainwright - 424?


I dont believe jane is red john nor jane has a brother or any family relation. Darcy i believe has connection to red john. last nights episode it seemed jane hit a topic to her that almost broke in tears. I think she has something to do with Red john. not just a fbi agent. think about it red john has used woman before in the past. remember red john had a woman working in the CBI and literally spied on Jane's team. Going bak to season 2. What if darcy is related to red john maybe father or lover and shes here to mess around with Jane. So thts my theory.

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