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The mentalist
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-Matilda Cruz is killed by someone she met in a Shakespearean chat room. Jane believes Gary, her arrogant boss who claims to know no Shakespeare is the killer.

-FBI Agent Susan Darcy requests Jane's help her on a murder case. She claims the Lt. Governor specifically asked for Jane.

-The murder victim, Kati Bauer is found stabbed to death in a park. Her lover, James is found in the woods with a knife and covered with her blood. James blacked out and doesn't remember what happened.

-Jane doesn't believe James is guilty. He plants the thought that the police need DNA evidence to convict James with Kati's husband and in laws. Later, the in laws are caught trying to plant hairs from Kati's brush. They drugged the wine Kati brought with her to meet James, then the mother-in-law stabbed her to death and planted the knife on James.

-Jane tells Darcy he doesn't believe the Lt. Governer asked for him. She admits she thinks Jane is a Red John disciple. Jane scoffs at the thought but later Darcy goes to Wainwright to warn him that the FBI is investigating Patrick Jane.

-Now back at the CBI, Jane trips up Gary into admitting he knows Shakespeare after swearing he didn't. The CBI haul him back in for questioning.

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I love this show, yeah Patty, I know where you are coming from. I show my age too sometimes, Simon Baker is a good actor...I look for him on other things sometimes too. Wish I could do the things he does and 'Mentalist'people.


Who played the mother? Was it Sissy Spacek?


Oh yes perry king !!! The beard threw me


Tha father is Bruce boxlietner and I'm thinking the guy at podium is Craig Schaffer from some kind of wonderful or Stephen dorpff


I think the actor at the podium is Craig Sheffer... A River Runs Through It, That Was Then This is Now (I'm showing my age)...


Guy at podium is Craig Sheffer. Father is Perry King


is the father richard chamberlain


i think it good to watch and it keeps you thinking who done it.i have watch every serie from 1-3 its getting good about knowing red john will be caught in the is funny sometimes and serious too.


beatiful episodes

The Mentalist Season 4 Episode 17 Quotes

Let go of the knife, James. You can kill yourself later.


I don't truly believe anything.

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