The Secret Circle Sneak Peeks: Consequences and Curses

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Forget unwanted pregnancies and STDs. Who knew the consequences of teenage sex could be so lethal?

On this Thursday's new episode of The Secret Circle, as previewed by Executive Producer Andrew Miller in the following video, we'll learn more about the curse cast upon the Blakes and the Conants by some old witch. Let's just say new couple might soon be regretting its night of "mad, passionate" lovemaking, as Miller puts it.

What else can fans expect from the aptly-titled "Curse?" Watch the promo and a sneak peek from it now:

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Laughed excessively during the producer's promo. Cassie and Adam were making, what now "wild, passionate love?" Huh? So creepy, I know what he likes to do now in his free time. You do not describe two tiny teenagers (and yes I do know the actors are adults) as having wild, passionate love. No, too creepy!


I don't think that neither Jake nor Nick can be the other Blackwell child. Reason being that in episode 12 Witness we saw Jake and Nick's parents talking about Blackwell's betrayal. So if she had cheated on her husband and passed off another man's child off to her husband as his own, would she be discussing it so flippantly? Questions questions... This show is slowly becoming a guilty pleasure....


I really don't like Cassie and Adam together. They just come off as high and mighty. I think it's just the actor that plays Adam....I don't see him as a sympathetic character...he just looks shady. Those 2 look like they are 14yrs old.
'Mad, passionate love making'? LOL!!! Please...give me a break! They don't know how to even go about that.


So now that Nick is back is he the other blackwell child and that means he will prb die finally?


If someone really is dying and it's Faye. I'm going to be really mad, her storylines and one-liners are the only reason I even watch the show! Although lately i've been starting to like Melissa storylines a little bit too.


@ Anon
Thanks! I keep forgetting which episode # is which and couldn't find anything when I tried to Google it. Really looking forward to John de Lancie as a guest star!!!
And why do many people spell mustang 'mustange'?! Lol.
Anyhoo... I am looking forward to see the outcome of Cassie and Adam's love and curse.


@mustange John de Lancie comes in the 19th episode, which will be just two episodes after this one! :) I can't wait to see this episode. It looks sooo GOOD!


Jane! Uhhh I missed her! And it's a bit strange that she is away such a long time! but she should come back full time or make a leave VD way!


Is this the episode the one with John de Lancie?

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

No one is dying. It's just a story your great greats told their kids so they wouldn't have sex. It's an abstinence program at work.


If you awaken the curse, someone in your circle will die.


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