The Secret Circle Sneak Peeks: Feeling Lucky?

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Get ready to roll some seriously dangerous dice, Secret Circle fans. This show will take us to casino night on "Lucky."

On tomorrow night's return episode, viewers will be treated to a couple of reunions, as Eva wakes up and thanks Lee for his commitment, while Dawn reunites with John Blackwell. How will each meeting go? The videos below hint at the answer.

Meanwhile, I'll be talking to series producer Andrew Miller later today. Send along questions for the man in charge now and return to the site in a few hours for a few episode and season spoilers...

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- Eva/Lee/Faye storyline. Eva is such a psycho. I gotta say, she is more scary than those witch hunters. And Faye is hot and awesome. I am just wondering about Lee guy. Is he dead or not?? Better not. Otherwise it would sucks. - The australian dude who was hitting on Diana. Damn, he was hot. They both look so good together. Charming, charming. - John and Dawn scene. It was kind of hot. And funny :] - Melissa having more screentime. Lol tonight she was the wise one. Still, she needs a real storyline. I still think it is Melissa or Faye who are half sibling of Cassie. - No offense but Cassie/Adam sex scene in the end was more akward than hot. If you compare to Faye/Jake scene, Cadam scene was boring and really had no chemistry. - Jake being useless, walking around with his black jacket and kind of stalking Cassie. Dude, that’s creepy. U re cooler than than, cmon.


OMG!! I just read an interview to the cast made when they were shooting episode 19 and by that time they already knew who the other Blackwell child is. Britt Robertson said it was totally unexpected !!! I can't wait!!


OMG got to wait for a week to maybe see who Cassie's dad is :( what is going to happen? Going to be very interesting......


Will you ask Andrew if Melissa is the other Blackwell child? When that creep friend of Lee was usin that totem thing with her he said he felt intense magic.


I can't wait for tomorrow night's episodes of TVD and TSC!!! Hope everyone watches them both LIVE!


Will we learn more about the Elders and when is Jane coming back? Will Jane finally get to interact with the other Elders? Will the Circle find the other Book of Shadows that are still missing? When will we find out more or who the other Blackwell child is? And how will this affect the story of the show? Will we learn more about why these 6 families are so special and why the present-day Circle is so special? Does Andrew Miller have a lot more surprising and deeper mythology coming for the show in this season and future seasons? What plans does he have for Season 2? Are we going to have some major cliff hangers from here on out? Love big cliffhangers and big twists and shocks!! THANKS!


Can you ask Andrew about the Circle regaining individual magic? Will the Circle and Adults finally come head to head? Will everyone find out the truth about Amelia and Nick? Love Blackwell on the show, what is he up to though? What is in store for Cassie and Jake now that Jake is teamed up with Blackwell? What is in store for Cassie and Adam? Will we learn more about what happened 16 years ago?


wohoooo. finally thursday tomorrow!!! cant wait for more Faye, Lee, his ex and Jake drama


Can't wait for tomorrow night! Missed Vd and Sc! :D

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

Once dark magic takes a hold of you, it's impossible to get free.


I have dark magic up to my eyeballs, thanks to you, and I haven't changed.