Cougar Town Review: Coming Together and Growing Apart

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"Money Becomes King" was another solid episode of Cougar Town. As if we were to expect anything less at this point.

Laurie Listens

It dealt with, in typical cul-de-sac crew fashion, the types of problems Jules and Grayson are starting to face now that they are getting married. Which house do they sell? Will they combine their finances? Naturally, after some sex and some serious lying to get Lynn, Jules’ therapist, to make a house call, most everything is put off to the last minute.

It’s all very Cougar Town and fits the show perfectly, but here’s my minor complaint: why does it seem that the only reason Jules and Grayson’s decisions were brought up was as a way to serve Laurie’s story? Because that’s exactly what happened.

The bickering was merely a set up for us to learn Jules’ real estate business isn’t doing well with Laurie drawing a paycheck.

Don't get me wrong, it’s a great way to get Laurie out on her own and living her dream with a cake shop. She can’t run those poor, socially awkward coffee shop people for free forever, and I’m always glad to see Laurie being, well Laurie, as well as being an adult.

I just wish the symmetry of Laurie beginning this new stage in her life would get a parallel with Jules and Grayson. Why put so much care in to the story if only one side is going to benefit from it?

The other arc this week dealt with Andy finally pranking Bobby. It’s hard not to smile at how much they love each other, and Ellie’s nonchalant response to the Park Ranger about them was, once again, another stand out quote for her:

Park Ranger: You married to one of those guys?
Ellie: No, they're lovers. | permalink

Can we just have an episode dedicated to Ellie? Where we see everything through her eyes? Possibly getting some narration from her? They could even lose the terrible title for a week and call the show Ellie Town. Be sure to head over to our Cougar Town quotes page to see even more of my love of Ellie Torres.

A few other thoughts:

  • Ellie making sure Stan “needs to learn” about payback - A+ parenting.
  • It looks like Travis and Laurie are finally beginning to mend their relationship after this conned him back into going to school.
  • There was very little wine this week.
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Hi Jessica,You have a very lovely and cute child! Indeed crdlihen are an heritage of the LORD. Thank God for blessing you with this sweetie :)Thanks for visiting my blog. It's nice to hear from you. Take care and have a blessed weekend.Warm regards,Nancie


This show remains fresh every week which is always amazes me. It really really needs to stay on air and the writers should be recognized for the great job they do.


Love this show and LOVE Ellie's character. I would love to see a whole show dedicated to Ellie in her viewpoint!! I think it would be hillarious. :D


One reason for the quick pace of the plot involving Laurie and the Jules/Grayson financial issues is probably the episode order cut. When they were cut from 22 to 15 episodes, they had to condense some of the plot and rush through some scenarios that otherwise would have had more time to develop. I heard this straight from a writer at one of the viewing parties in December. I'm fine with it, as I think season 3 is the best yet, but can certainly see where some things have moved ahead more quickly than they probably would have.

Cougar Town Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Travis: Well you're betraying your own life philosophy.
Laurie: Never fight shorthaired bitches?

Park Ranger: You married to one of those guys?
Ellie: No, they're lovers.