CSI Review: Fill My Eyes With Double Vision

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Leave it to CSI to up the ante on the classic “twin defense” murder case by not only throwing in a third twin, but eventually adding a fourth. This case had me guessing and re-guessing almost to the very end.

One of the things that "Split Decision" did very well was its use of the entire team. All the lab rats and field agents got some screen time. From Henry helping Finn with the DNA profiling, to Morgan and Nick going door to door in the hotel, we got to witness everyone on this case.

Casino Crime Scene

Sadly, CSI had a few “tells” this week, tipping its hand when it came to bluffing us into falling for the final twist. First, the sheer number of times they showed the same images on the facial recognition “scan” was enough that I could tell it was a loop. Also, the amount of weight they were giving the facial recognition program (and Archie working on it) by mentioning it and going back to Archie over and over made it clear it was going to be the key to finding the twist.

Honestly, the moment Sarah asked Avery about his father meeting some other people I knew that Avery was the fourth twin and had set the whole thing up. I will admit that knowing it didn't really take away from the big reveal, it just allowed me to say “called it!” to my wife about two minutes later. 

Overall, this was a decent offering, with some good CSI quotes. Okay, I freely admit there was nothing amazing about the hour; but like a well-tuned sports car, it hummed along at a good pace and was a fun ride. It seems like both DB and Finn have adapted well and I find I'm not missing Catherine at all. While I do still miss Grissom, it’s more from nostalgia than something different he brought to the story. 

How about you? Do you miss Catherine or Grissom? If so, what do you feel they brought to the show that we don’t have now?


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Something that I've been noticing this season. It's good that CSI's been going "old school" and not relying totally on technology. Fresh change. Totally agree with Marie.d regarding the facial recognition on the boy's face. Lot's of variations...and one thing I noticed, how does the other guys have 97% match while the kid has more percentage? WTF moment. anyway, does anyone know the names of the twins that the 2nd brother was in bed with? haha :)


The last episodes have been troubling. I liked Grissom and Langston well enough and so was pleasantly surprised at how well I thought Ted Danson did in taking over. Last season was probably too far on the gloomy side with the serial killer episodes and others, but Finn seems fluffy to me and I think she has brought DB in that direction...and with the rest of the cast taking somewhat of a backseat and some maybe past their better days, I think the show is possibly showing signs of being on its last legs. I hope not, but the last episode was about as boring as the series has been. Maybe the writing or something will improve and we can see a turnaround because it's nice to enjoy CSI.

Beverly brooks

I will always miss Grissom. He has always been one of my favorite actors. It was time for Catherine to leave and let the younger generation take over. This week show was interesting, I felt like there were triplets so they threw me when the fourth one. I was suprised though that the older siblings? were led by the youngest one.


I thought this was a pretty lazy and boring episode. The worst part was having the facial recognition software be the thing to discover the 4rth twin. Are you kidding me? A child's features aren't exactly where those of 25 year-old's are. If that software has such a wide tolerance for variation it would have been picking out dozens of people besides even the adult twins.Why didn't it track him when he was in the hall with his brothers.Also how could they keep hundreds of guests and staff from leaving the hotel and not being scanned for 2 days? This is America where people have rights. Last but not least they interrogated a minor without so much as a social worker or the authorization of an adult to do so. The won't be able to use anything they got him to admit to in court or the only piece of evidence against him either since they used that to get him to talk.


"One of the things that Split Decision did very well was its use of the entire team." Greg wasn't in this episode or did I miss him? I have got to say I like DB but then again that might be because I hated Langston. Indifferent to Finn i'm giving her to the rest of the season to win me over.


@Janis, I get the same thing from time to time, I have found resetting my satellite box (or cable box) will get it back in sync.. seems to be a decoding error that caused the video to lag behind. PS. this worked for something i DVR'ed as well.


My sound was two minutes behind for the whole show. Not fun and I don't have any idea why the network didn't fix it. Not with this episode specifically, but the thing I don't understand is why they even brought Sarah back. She quit because she was overwhelmed with the job and the sadness and she and Grissom wen toff in the the land of blissful happiness and then she was suddenly back. Don't get way. Is she that great of an actress to have to have her.


mammimi: "and they both keep this $#it eating grin on their faces all the time" I noticed that, and was bothered by it as well. Mostly with Finn/Shue. It's a sign of amateurish acting skills. That endless smile was completely out of place for the character/scene, more like it was a remnant of some off-screen shenanigans. You see it a lot when non-actor celebrities show up in cameos.
The plot itself was okay, sure, somewhat predictable, but not their worst effort. I prefer these self-contained episodes rather than a drawn-out serial killer super-plot. "Do you miss Catherine or Grissom"
No, not really. I liked them when they were on, but no, the show's just fine without them.
And oh yeah, the facial rec scan... They don't exactly work in real time very well, and certainly not to a 97% certainty, I don't know why they even bothered, especially since the perp was wearing a BRIGHT orange shirt.


It took you that long to figure out that the son was the fourth "brother"?! Seemed obvious as soon as we knew there was a 4th. I miss Grissom. Catherine, not so much. Morgan is refreshing. Shue is kind of irritating - very mannered - and is it just me, or are Jorja Fox's mannerisms getting stronger the longer she's there?


I enjoyed this episode and the twist and turns of four "brothers"...only did I see a 'sister' in the family picture early in the ep, or was that the mother?? I wondered throughout why the son came to Vegas with dad and not 'sis', too! That threw me off that there could be a fourth brother (knew the third one didn't off himself...just a matter of who). But to answer your question...miss Grissom - no one can replace him - and not so much Catherine (wasn't a favorite), BUT love Danson and Shue!! They make watching CSI enjoyable again! And I, too, am glad all the cast was involved in this ep!

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