Emmanuelle Chriqui Cast as Patrick Jane Love Interest

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Dear Patrick Jane: You are a very, very lucky man.

The Mentalist has cast former Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui in the role of Loraliei Martins, a Las Vegas cocktail waitress who will recur on the CBS drama as a love interest for Jane, appearing on this May's finale and at least five episodes of season five as well.

Chriqui is best known for portraying Sloan on Entourage throughout that HBO comedy's run.

Sloan McQuewick

The Mentalist airs a new-school based episode tomorrow night. Check out the official promo now for "Something's Rotten in Redmund."


Siempre he pensado que al final Patrick y Lisbon quedarían juntos , pero al ver la aparición de Lorelei (Emanuelle...guau), la idea no me desagrada.


I don't like this storyline. The new character Loraliei is just too flat. "A supersmart, sexy, funny, cocktailwaitress"... Meh. I thought the Summer character was on the edge of being unrealistic, but at least she didn't happen to be supersmart. I just hope the writers won't spiral into some adrenaline frenzy, where the show eventually turns into a soap with every week two new love scenes, a shooting, a fight, a breakdown, rigsby turning out to be Cho's long lost son and so fort


i agree totally with simone... she could be his daughter. yuck.. he needs a woman!!


I suppose Bruno Heller thinks it's about time to inject some sex in the series to keep viewers who prioritize that stuff interested. It will probably be temporary. No way will there be a Jane-Lisbon meeting of the lips until the series ends. Bruno and Simon Baker have said as much. It's necessary to keep the series going - or so they think. Maybe, maybe not. This show could easity continue even if they got married due to the clever plot and flexible characters. Simon Baker has said this show could go off in several directions. They could even really kill off the Red John empire and continue as a very funny police procedural sitcom. We shall see. The series is there to make money so it will go as long as possible.


Awww poop. Why are they bringing this ugly chick as Jane's love interest? If she was prettier than Lisbon, I might have been like "yeah ok" but she's not. 'Cause y'all know if Robin was her age, she'd be hotter. Why are the writters doing this? They all know that the majority of the fans are crazy about Jisbon. Well I shouldn't be surprised; almost none of my favorite TV pairings happen and that's why I don't like watching TV series. I just lose interest.


I love her. She is a great actress and I cant wait to see the chemistry between the two characters.


Hmmm. So her name is Loralie. As in the German song, where the siren Loralie lures sailors distracted by her beauty to their deaths? Just wondering.


Bruno Heller has come up with a twist as usual. It was announced earlier that Jane would have some sort of breakdown, shoot someone in his team and have a love interest which would continue into next season. We can surmise that either he tires of her, or she turns out to be another one of R.J.'s minions snet to spy on the team. Who Jane shoots would have to be someone also in R.J.'s family who possible kills Darcy and is then killed by Jane who then breaks down, or any convoluted plots Mr Heller comes up with.




It was time to have a woman at his height. Simon Baker is the sexiest man on the planet, but on the show try to avoid it in every way possible (the hairdresser and the tailor are nineteenth century)

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