How I Met Your Mother Season Finale Pics: Lily in Labor!

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How I Met Your Mother is building to an epic season seven finale. And it's gonna need a full hour to tell the two key stories at the center of it.

First, we'll welcome baby Eriksen, as Lily gives birth, going into labor while surrounded by Ted and Robin and then, much to her irritated chagrin, experiencing the painful miracle of life with her father (Chris Elliott) by her side.

Then, it's on to Barney's wedding day, as viewers will finally learn the identity of his bride. We see the legendary bachelor alongside Quinn in a couple of the following photos... but no way she ends up as Mrs. Stinson. Right?!?

Lily Giving Birth
Barney the Groom
Marshall and Ted Bonding
He's a Dad!
Push, Lily!
Barney, Ted and Robin at the Hospital
And... Voila!

The sitcom returns with a new episode on Monday, April 30. In the meantime, catch up now via our How I Met Your Mother quotes page.

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Remember when we were all this excited about real ettsae? Value is not what a house is or is not worth. Value is often peace of mind, stability, comfort, and a place to build memories, oh yeah, that is when a house becomes a home.


Tommy550, It's not just you that thinks that about Robin and Barney!


I don't think it will be Quinn. I'm pretty sure it's a flash forward to the wedding, not Barney's actual wedding day. And so the show will show us in season 8 how Barney ends up marrying his bride. If he married Quinn, it would be way too predictable. And Himym has a tendency to leave the seasons on cliff hangers.


You never know with HIMYM, but I would kind of like it if Barney married Quinn. The show could do with some new blood - and Robin is supposed to have a thing in the future with the guy from the clothing store, so maybe he will be the love of her life. Also, Barney wants to be a father and Robin doesn't want children, which is (yet) another reason why they may not work as a couple. Also, at the wedding, Lily says "Ted, the bride wants to see you" in a way suggesting that she has no idea why the bride would want to see Ted of all people. If the bride is Robin, Ted would most likely be her best man, so her wanting to see him would only be natural. Hence: Quinn (or some chick we haven't met yet. Or Nora!).
I'm actually warming to the name Hurricane, so I hope it's still on the table! :P


I might cry if Barney's bride is Quinn, I don't know if I will be able to handle it.........I have decided to be brave and hang in there, I am trying a new thing called hope.


What will they name the baby? Because if Hurricane Erikson is still on it'd be hilarious...


It pains me to say this but i kinda like Barney with Quinn, but if he married her she would most likely have to become a series regular rather than guest star... so let's see if it's Robin or some chick we haven't heard of yet...


Even though it's hard, i think that Barney might end up with Quinn. Because with Quinn, he has a big reason to get married and in the "Now We're Even" episode, he shows an anxiety for Quinn job. Also his mother seems to resemble like Quinn. Although you never know, the reason Robin haven't show up in Barney's wedding yet might be because she is the bride. But at this rate, Quinn has a bigger chance to be the bride.


Really, despite the all "i hate Quinn" campaign that is going on since she first appeared, there isn´t any chemistry left between Barney and Robin!Everytime he choose her, everything went wrong, and from the episodes of this season, i can´t see nothing soo powerfull that will drive him to once again end his actual successful relationship and go after Robin...but that´s just me hehe


Ms. stinson CANNOT be Quinn!! It HAS to be Robyn!!

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