How I Met Your Mother Review: Can't Hardly Wait For It

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Many fans, pregnant with anticipation, tuned in to watch the season finale of their beloved How I Met Your Mother tonight.

The delivery of what was just the first half of the evening's culmination was a thing of beauty. Carter Bays, Craig Thomas and their ward of talented writers have been warming this bun in their creative ovens for some time now. "The Magician's Code Part One" was no illusion and delivered in roses. 

As usual, we were treated to an array of amazing vintage pop culture references - like when the ATM switched over to The Legend of Zelda on Marshall. Without a doubt, though, the best sequence of the episode was the collection of stories with which Ted and Robin tried to distract Lily. Topping my list were the Door Story, the Halloween they decided to all go as The Breakfast Club but failed to coordinate their costumes and, of course, the time Barney tried to pick up girls as the Terminator. 

Push, Lily!

Help me out here, friends: I couldn't help but think the story about the mystery door was a reference to something. I even went as far as to try and Shazam the background music. Did I miss something or was I reading too much into the story and got Malcoviched?

While scratching my head on that one, I also had to kick myself for thinking Barney was going to appear as any version of the Terminator other than the naked one from the movie's opening scene. Him kneeling there in the buck with the trash blowing by was almost too much amazing to handle. 

Robin and Ted once again made it hard to believe they don't end up together, as they played so well off one another all episode long. I know it isn't meant to be, but at least they are friends again. I would also like to take this opportunity to send an, E-High-Five to Cobie Smulders's trainer. Our favorite gal from the Great White North looked simply stunning as she hilariously recounted the times she went elbows deep during foaling season. 

While Barney's tender speech about Marshall was almost out done by the bus driver's amazing Cocoon 2 line, in the end Barney was the winner as he lived up to his promise and got the big guy to the hospital in time. For his heroics, the most awesome honor of helping to name the newest addition to the gang was bestowed upon him and together we were introduced to Marvin Waitforit Eriksen.

I'll be right back with the recap of part two of tonight's finale. In the meantime check out tonight's best How I Met your Mother quotes

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You didn't get it!
The "Door Story" was indeed a reference, but to a mini-series called "The Lost Room", about a key that would turn any door into a magic door, taking those that entered it to wherever they wanted to go :)


the door story was hilarious..


I though the door thing was a reference to the Chronicles of Narnia...


Ted and Robin actors have great chemistry. It's a shame the show had them apart for most of the season. Really enjoyed their argument in the hospital. Well I was dying to know what was behind that godforsaken door...and it was hilarious.
Nice touch with the E-Mail which brings back the fun side of Ted instead the whiney pathetic one.
Barn-Man delivered yet again... best actor in HIMYM... similar to Sheldon in TBBT.


The Door Story was amazing. I kept wondering what the hell the payoff could be...and it was more amazing than I ever could have imagined. Freakin' hilarious. Well played HIMYM.


The door story reminds me of a Monty python sketch where the character is opening his trench coat and girls are freaking out so your meant to think he is flashing them, but really he has a sign around his neck saying "boo"


I may be wrong, but I thought the door was a takeoff on the Crhonicles of Narnia movies, where the kids go into the wardrobe.


Definitely giving my child the middle name of Waitforit!!


"I love you, Robin" "What?" "Just kidding" Bahhaha!


Excellent episode.

How I Met Your Mother Season 7 Episode 23 Quotes

I'm going to get you to that hospital or die trying.


Once you see a baby horse erupt through that birth canal you stop even touching yourself.