Mike & Molly Review: Chapel of Love?

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It’s been a few weeks since we last saw Mike and Molly in "Peggy Goes To Branson", and each week brings us closer to their wedding!

Last episode, Mike and Molly dealt with the loaded issue of having a family, and this week in "Molly Can't Lie", they face the slightly more immediate issue of losing their wedding venue.

But they lose it for a good cause: religious freedom.

I’m definitely on Molly’s side of this argument – she shouldn’t have to sacrifice her beliefs or create false ones just to please others. Mike and Peggy, however, are determined to hammer home the old school Catholic message (stereotype) of lying to maintain the status quo.

It’s nice that Mike & Molly doesn’t let that stand and shows that in a relationship, lying or just keeping your opinion to yourself all the time doesn’t work.

Meeting with Father Justin

But it’s a rocky road to get there. Peggy is rooting hard for Mike to rebuke Molly for her opinionated behavior, which is the irony of all ironies considering how outspoken Peggy is.

Luckily, Mike is smarter than that. He stands up to his mother for her unwelcome opinions, which ironically again, gets him thrown out.

More relaxed about religion and moral issues in general, Molly’s family is more supportive. Predictably, Victoria is there for her sister and stands behind the idea of an independent, assertive woman.

Too bad Molly didn’t take Victoria’s pot dealer up on his offer to hold the wedding in his basement growing room. I always want to add a dash more absurdity to Mike & Molly, and I think that scenario would have done it.

Fortunately for Mike and Molly, the Baptists come to their rescue. Mike & Molly usually walks the fine line of leveraging stereotypes for humor while showing the complexity beneath the common conceptions, but this week I think the show fell a little short when it came to the religious stereotypes. Instead of pointing out the subtleties and shades of gray in the issue, it reinforced the ideas.

However, I do think that it succeeded when it came to the gender stereotypes. Most of "Molly Can’t Lie" was devoted to the idea of an outspoken, opinionated woman and the connotations that go along with that, such as it’s unfeminine or untraditional.

There were characters that argued both sides, but eventually Mike and Molly made up their own minds and found a balance. Like Mike said, that’s what makes them such a good team. 

Our Mike & Molly quotes page has more great lines from this week’s episode. Check them out and leave a comment with your thoughts on this week's episode below.


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Way to go Mike & Molly - there is truth in your humor and stereotypes. Maybe some don't see it, but we all joke about being a "good catholic" and look where it has gotten us? Look hard at where it has gotten us? Just turn on the news and the truth will hit you in the face as you watch story after story of priests (there are good ones) being arrested for crimes against children. CHILDREN!!! Maybe you should save your outrage for mass on Sunday and leave this show alone that is attempting to make light of a very public spotlight on a bad situation. If you don't want see things like this on TV then stop sitting quietly in your pew and putting change in the basket - demand change and acceptance from the church - ask yourself, what would jesus do or better yet, ask yourself, what would joe paterno do?


Weird how some can't laugh at themselves or their religion... So many religions, which one is right? Would you be disappointed to find out you wasted your time following a false idol, because there is no idol to follow? Maybe when we die there is just nothing... Would that be any harder to for you to believe than these books that were probably made up, so children would behave? And yet, somehow you realize there is no Santa. I didn't spoil Christmas for you did I? If you believe you are going to get what you want or deserve when you pass, then you surely believe the 9-11 martyrs got what was coming to them too. And what about those 72 virgins? Who specifically said that they would be female? Maybe life is atoms, energy, cellular attraction and reproduction and a series of coincidences. But of course, what I'm saying is just conjecture... After all who wants to admit they don't Believe? You know, just in case!


I guess catholic bashing is the order of the day and the thing to do in the "new secular world order" of liberal writers. Sorry guys we have been here before you and will be here long after you.


I agree with all of you, I will never watch this show again!


I am tired of Catholic bashing! This episode was totally unnecessary! I'm done with Mike and Molly!


I, too, was extremely offended. It was entirely unnecessary. They have lost a fan!


I was totally offended by last night's show. Within the first 10 minutes they blasphemed the Catholic church, the priest, the responsibility that parent's have for their children's souls and the Bible. I turned it off and will never watch the show again and I'm asking all Christians to do the same. I'm sick of Christianity being slandered.


I turned it off too! They can bash Catholics and or Christians all they want but they won't have me as a viewer. I don't mind a little ribbing over some of the customs of Catholics or someones discomfort with Religion they don't adhere to, so the first few minutes were funny but then they went on a real tear and really said some very mean things. I realized then their agenda was to smear Christians and Catholics in general. I turned off my TV and will never watch the show again. I feel very bad and betrayed since I loved the show and Melissa but I'm done letting people bash my religion. I've already gone and unliked them on facebook and I hope many more people do the same. They have to get the message somehow!

Tony williams

It had it's moments but it was just blah and I wanted to turn the channel but I kept waiting to hear some funny lines....I guess Carl and the milk jug bit was gonna be it. :(


Do you think they could have picked a better time than the day after Easter to bash the Catholics? I turned it off. Baptists are not exactly accepting of all people either, especially Catholics.

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Mike & Molly Season 2 Episode 19 Quotes

We have weddings for our parishioners, which you are not, and we were willing to make an exception frankly because we're still quite scared of your mother.


Peggy: Just make sure he knows that you two are good Catholics and that you're not living together in sin.
Molly: But I'm not and we are!