New Grey's Anatomy Sneak Peek: I Have a Right!

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In this new sneak peek from tomorrow's Grey's Anatomy, Cristina insists she has a right to know the details - we're talking every single dirty detail here - of Owen's affair. Suffice it to say, he disagrees.

Earlier this week, one of the initial batch of Grey's Anatomy sneak previews (this is the fifth in all) for "Support System" showed Cristina interrogating her husband on his surprising past transgressions.

Owen recounts the start of the affair, with viewers watching it play out right along with her in flashbacks set in Joe's Bar, but it's clear from this latest clip that Owen feels he's still entitled to boundaries.

His wife feels otherwise. Watch below and see if you agree with Owen or Cristina:

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Can anyone tell me what was Cristina's last line in this sneak peek ? I really can't understand it !


I think Crowen will have to have a major overhaul of the way they act around each other for this marriage to survive. Love ain't gonna be enough to save this marriage
Marry in haste, repent at leisure applies to them in bucketfuls.


I think that Owen's just really angry with himself and, as always, he can't really express what he's feeling. He wants to forget what happened just like Cristina wanted to forget the abortion. Again: both are SO very similar.


Again Cristina is all about herself. Owen is terribly wrong for cheating, but what about her? Her selfishness and inability to care for the other half of hers have always been the main cause of their marriage problems. Anyway I hope a divorce paper is on the way.


Why can't one of them slam the other with divorce papers for Christ sakes?


Good then, get out? Or something..
Owen shoud be on his knees and tell Christina everything she wants to know...


What was the last line of Cristina? Could not make out what she said.


Yabba dabba do, right o? Me and my pals be up all night. 24/7 Whoppee!!!


Can someone get Sandra Oh an Emmy!?


Kind of weird how Owen's acting. You'd think he'd be more apologetic. If she wants to know, surely she has the right. Where does this moral high ground come from that he's placed himself on?

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Grey's Anatomy Season 8 Episode 19 Quotes

I have a right as your wife to know what you did.


Every little kid knows the words to the song. The foot bones connected to the leg bone. The leg bones connected to the knee bone. In med school, you learn it's a little more complicated than that. The songs not wrong. Everything is connected.