Revenge First Look: Who Dies?

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Emily Thorne is about to deal with the death of a loved one.

ABC has released photos from "Grief," the penultimate episode of season one, while also teasing that the installment will forge "a stronger bond between Emily and Jack" based on a "personal loss."

Based on that synopsis, and the size of the grave being dug here, it's pretty clear who won't live to see the May 23 season finale, isn't it? (P.S. check out Nolan with an undercover mustache in other stills from the episode!)

Digging a Grave
Grieving a Loss
Nolan Undercover
Nolan with a Mustache
Surveilling a Scene

With three episodes to go until the Revenge season finale, TV Fanatic has now posted photos from each of these installments. There's the gallery above, along with:

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Daniel and Emily!!!! I hate Jack, and Ashley, and Declan. I just want Daniel and Emily to be together.I Fucking hate Jack!


Is it bad that my first thought was Declan, not Sammy?


oh come one!I really don't want Sammy to die!Jack on the other hand ... !Couldn't care less about Jack and his brother!along TSC's Adam those three sre the most annoying characters in TV history!


I personally really like Jack and I am very sad to see Sammy go. I am happy that it will bring Emily and Jack closer as well. It is good to have friends from your childhood, but I would like it more if he knew that she was the real Amanda. Daniel on the other hand I can do without.


Oh Sammy...


Sammy :(


I have never ever cried for a tv show nor movie... and yet these pictures make me sad. It's the fact that it's a poor puppy! Is it wrong that one of my favorite dynamics of the show was between Emily and Sammy? I just felt like the fact that they recognized each other and had their previous bond from the past, the fact that Sammy obviously doesn't know about Emily taking on this secret identity out for "revenge"... I don't know, haha.


Awwww, not Sammy! I love him! :-( I better have tissues handy, not looking forward to those scenes. He's the only one who easily knew that Emily was really Amanda. I'm sad already, lol.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but with that being said, what the heck is up with all the Jack and Declan hate? Personally, I find neither one of them annoying. If anything it's Daniel who needs to get lost for awhile. He's been insanely annoying for the past few episodes (murder trail or not) and all he does is doubt Emily, all the time. Shesh!


Wish it was Jack

Revenge Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I will never forget. I will never forgive.


For most the final stage of grief is acceptance but for me, grief is a life sentence without clemency.