Revenge Review: Predators Are Everywhere

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Revenge roared back tonight and spread plenty of "Doubt" throughout the Hamptons. Let's start from the beginning...

So, Emily said that Takeda had Amanda secured. What did that mean exactly? She's staying at his luxurious compound in Japan or she's chained in a private prison cell?  Secured could mean so many things, the possibilities are endless.

Daniel in Jail

One of my favorite scenes involved Nolan and Emily discussing their options over croissants. Nolan played a great irritating brother role to Emily's annoyed sister. The relationship between these two continued to grow as they were clearly in this together. Nolan's the one person with whom Emily can be honest.

Not knowing what happened to Amanda was driving Jack crazy. For a guy who couldn't give Nolan the time of day not all that long ago he now has no problem running to him for help every episode. Perhaps I'm being harsh but there's something about Jack that just rubs me the wrong way. I still wish he had sailed off for Haiti.

Victoria was willing to throw anyone under the bus in order to get Daniel out of prison... including Daniel. I suppose a concussion was a small price to pay to get out of Rikers, but what other mother would set that up?!?

And Victoria didn't stop there. She needed a murder suspect to make sure her son didn't end up back behind bars and she wasn't terribly picky about who it would be. Amanda, Jack, Emily... you could pick a name out of a hat and Victoria would happily set him/her up to take the fall.

But did they really need Treadwell to get the Grayson spin out there? The guy's such a little weasel I almost can't wait to see Victoria take him out at the knees.

The part that threw me off was Victoria's new lover. I didn't get the point of bringing on this character. Did Victoria really need another romantic interest? Perhaps the writers have a plan but for now he's simply an unwanted distraction from the rest of the story.

I really felt for Charlotte. There wasn't anyone she could trust. Her grandfather blackmailed her into forgoing therapy to save her boyfriend. Her mother twisted her statement and made it appear that Jack was the mysterious hooded suspect. Ironically, he's actually the guy, not that Charlotte or Victoria knew that.

Then, Declan turned on Charlotte to save his brother and I didn't blame her one bit for kicking him to the curb. In this great Revenge quote she puts him in his place...

You're just another puppet in the Grayson family play and it's time for your exit. | permalink

It was one thing to try and save Jack but quite another to publicize his girlfriend's drug problems. And instead of helping her daughter with her issues, Victoria blamed her for Daniel's plight. 

How much more is this girl suppose to handle?!? I wouldn't be surprised if Charlotte's overdose or suicide attempt is right around the corner.

I was surprised that once Daniel was home he didn't check in with his little sis. Obviously he was overwhelmed but I expected a scene between these two. And on a side note: did anyone else find it strange that they placed the ankle monitor on the outside of Daniel's pants? I'd think they'd fit it better considering it's the only thing keeping him from fleeing the country.

I was a little surprised when Emily kicked that guy's ass at the end until she said it was for Jack. Then I realized he was the guy who had beaten Jack when he broke in for the tapes. It was nice that the final kicks were for Daniel. As I said in my previous review, I believe there's going to come a point when Emily's going to have to chose which man to save. Who do you think it will be?

Was Revenge's return everything that you'd hoped?


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I really don't get why almost everybody is bashing on Jack, especially the reviewer who should pay more attention. Maybe he would realize that Jack and Nolan have actually become friends and that jack is way smarter than Daniel. Daniel dates the girl and practically lived with her but he didn't notice a thing by himself. His dad, his mum, his girlfriend, his crazy best friend, everyone, even his mum's "pet bird" manipulate and lie to him so easily and the guy is still clueless. There's no way Emily should choose him, he's too stupid and too soft for her. Besides, I doubt he stays by her side if he ever discovers who she is and what she's doing (destroying both his mum and dad among others). Team Jack FTW!


A solid episode but it really was just setting things up for the end of season. I think Nolan is the most annoying character on TV but I still come back for more, because the rest of this show's cast is so good. The writing is great and I just love how unbelievably absurd it is. More arse kicking from Emily would be great.
Love James Purefoy and so glad he is in this. That just added more layers to the mystery.


great to see Revenge back,Conrad about Emily she may have Grayson material
great line.Emily dishing out payback.


Thanks for enlightening us about the guy Emily beat up. I didn't recognize him so I was wondering why she said it was for Jack... Great episode. What I like about Revenge, is the suspense, the fact that nothing is going how she plans always leave you wondering. Ultimately, I think that if Emily have to choose, she'll choose Daniel. She really seems to have fallen for him.


Has anyone thought that maybe James Purefoy's painter/former lover character is maybe Daniel's biological father? It would be just like Victoria, who seems to be still in love with him, to drop him like a hot potato to marry wealthy Grayson! And David Clark was another love interest years later when the insipid Grayson didn't turn her on, but controlled her enough to turn on David?? I think Daniel looks more like the painter, then he does his father. The meeting in New York City seemed to be she needed to find him after just witnessing the condition of her beloved Daniel. Something to think about in the show of many twists and turns. I, too, like Jack, but wish he would drown his bratty brother, although he's been perfect for upsetting Victoria and causing a riff between her and Charlotte. Jack was in love with a childhood friend, but think he's grown to love the fake Amanda...his heart will be broken when he finds out, and any feelings for the now Emily will die when he out for his revenge...even Nolan won't be able to make it right! Good episode....darn hour goes by much too fast!


I disagree with you completely on Jack, who I find to be the most decent person on the whole show. As for him and Nolan, he's already thanked Nolan for being a good friend, so I'm not quite sure why we're still dredging up when he wasn't overly fond of him. Time to maybe let it go? I love James Purefoy, but the part with him and Victoria was very odd, and seemed completely out of left field. Madeline Stowe's ultra stiff acting didn't help matters much. I do agree with you on them attaching the ankle bracelet on the outside of Daniel's pants. WTH?


I hope she chooses Daniel, he's such a nice guy and doesn't desrve what she's brought upon him! Up till now it seems like she's chosen Jack though..even though he loves Amanda. I wanted him to be with hem and Emily to be with Daniel, they're perfect. I hope one day she can love him and stop being so cold. Except he would never love her if he discovered the truth, that she was using her for revenge..well, we'll see.


Oh Revenge, how I missed thee. 5/5


I wish Jack would get detained in Montreal for good. He ruins the whole show. The obsession he has with Amanda is creepy.


I would drop the show immediately if David Clarke turned out to be alive,it would make the whole premise a lie.(An old lover of HIS is supposed to show up before the season finale). Avi,she made a wax impression of the key so she could get a copy made to sneak into his place.(But I wonder if her "this is for Jack" and "this is for Daniel" will come back to haunt her if he remembers them and figures out who she is).

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