Revenge Round Table: "Doubt"

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Revenge finally returned after a seven-week hiatus last Wednesday, proving the lengths Victoria Grayson will go to for her son, while also introducing a new love interest for the Hamptons matriarch.

In the following edition of the TV Fanatic Round Table, staff writers Leigh Raines, Dan Forcella and Christine Orlando break down "Doubt."


What was your favorite moment from the episode?
Leigh: Even though it was so coldhearted, Charlotte dumping Declan and telling him it was time for his exit was like... DAYUM. Girl is sick of being a supporting player.

Christine: I liked the scene where Nolan brought Emily croissants and they went over strategy. Loved when Nolan quipped "I wonder what kind of box he'll make you in wood shop" about Daniel. Nolan and Emily have this brother/sister thing that I love.

Dan: My favorite thing that happened in the episode was when Treadwell was wearing normal clothes, and then the next moment - when he was back in the public eye - he was back to wearing vibrant colors and bow ties. Classic Treadwell.

Revenge RT - depreciated -

What do you think Takeda has done with Fauxmanda?
Leigh: I'm torn between thinking Takeda killed her and thinking he's training her somewhere.

Christine: He has her "secured" somewhere.  I picture her locked away. It could be a very nice place, some sort of compound maybe, but I don't think she's leaving it any time soon.

Dan: I think he took her to the Temple with the other Others.

Was what Victoria did to Daniel cruel or necessary?
Leigh: Cruel. Victoria has shown a new level of sociopathic tendencies. How obvious was it when she immediately asked if he could come home? Even Emily was stunned and Emily beats the crap out of people and tortures them on the regular.

Christine: He could have been killed! Is she insane? It just proves that Victoria will go to any lengths to get what she wants.

Dan: Cruel yes, but he got out safely, so I'm okay with it. She just wanted to see her baby boy again! Haha.

Did you like seeing Treadwell back in action?
Leigh: Yes, I found Treadwell to be one of the more interesting villains. Plus, he is a master media manipulator. It gives his character more power.

Christine: I think he's a weasel but he's a mildly entertaining one. I simply can't wait to see Victoria crush him like a bug.

Dan: Have you seen those bow ties? He's a laugh a minute!

What do you think of Victoria's new beau?
Leigh: I found him to be random, but at least we're learning a little bit more about Victoria's past. I guess David Clarke wasn't the only wild affair she had!

Christine: He was a distraction. He kind of came out of nowhere and I didn't understand the point. That doesn't mean there isn't one and the writers may have a great story arc concerning him but for now, I'm just not seeing it.

Dan: Yeah, he may have a point in the future, so I'm cool with it. I was mostly distracted by the fact that Marc Antony was chilling in present day.


1. Yes, charlotte dumping Declan. I like her character but every episode I'm afraid she'll do something that would make me hate her but she's still doing okay under all these family madness and her boyfriend screwing her over. 2. Grooming her to be his next student? Hmmm... that's a stretch. She's for sure alive still. Her character is indispensible in the whole revenge saga this early in the series. (assuming the series continues on for several more seasons) 3. Necessarily cruel... cruelly necessary? 4. Yes. I was wondering what happened to him after the fire. It's more exciting when there are more players in the game. 5. How random. But I'm willing to suspend judgement. He's a guy from her pre-marital past, and that ought to give us some dirt or whatever info or at least interesting trivia as to how the ice queen came to be.


It's becoming too much like a soap opera. I liked idt better when Emily was knocking off her enemies each week. Hope it improves or I'm out of here!


"he took her to the temple with the others" Thanks for that laugh! That was a great answer. An a probably kinda true, just a different type of temple and a different brand of others. I love nolan and emily there a blast together. Poor daniel his mama just had his a s s beat down. Char blew mu mind when she told declan off. I kinda almost like tredwell. I like that emilys so able to play him amd at the exact same time use him to her advantage.. He could continue to prove useful.


I think the artist is with Emily


1. Charlotte dumping Declan
3. Cruel
4. Yes because Emily and/or Vicky will crush him at some point
5. Probably a sideshow but a waste of time.


"I think he took her to the Temple with the other Others." I'm still laughing !


It was a rather weak episode. I dislike the artist. Another example of actors who don't have chemistry. Victoria is completely insane and utterly selfish. She has Daniel beaten and has sex with someone she hasn't seen in 25 years? The woman deserves all the hell Emily has in store for her.

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