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-Emily tells Nolan that Takeda has Amanda secured. The Graysons and Emily see Amanda as a viable suspect for Tyler's murder but she's still missing. 

-Victoria decides to set up Jack to take the fall by reworking Charlotte's sketch of the hooded man to look like him. 

-The Graysons bring on Mason Treadwell to write a blog to sway public opinion in Daniel's favor. When Declan fears for Jack, he tells Treadwell that Charlotte was high the night of the party and didn't see anyone. She made it up to protect her brother. Charlotte breaks up with him.

-Victoria is furious with Charlotte and blames her for the debacle when Treadwell prints Declan's story. Victoria threatens Treadwell but he doesn't back down.

-Victoria pays someone to beat up Daniel in prison. Due to the beating, the judge grants bail and allows Daniel to be placed under house arrest.

-Emily sees Victoria making the payoff and meets the mystery man for drinks. When she realizes that he's the same man who beat up Jack she beats him unconscious in an alley.

-Victoria has an affair with an artist from her past.

-Victoria tries to convince Daniel that Emily could have murdered Tyler. He tells his mother that if she pursues it he will confess to the crime.

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Stop complaining!! At least u get re-runs! I live in Australia. U know how many re-runs we get! Absolutely 0! And u have season 2 and we dont! So stop ur com


I believe that Victoria's man from her past might be Daniel's real father. I think once Her soon to be Ex-husband finds out he will backstab her and let her take the fall for all the illegal things they did as a couple. If Victoria had no biological children with her husband he will feel no reason to protect her. He will be livid that niether of their two children are biological children of his.


Ok people they stopped the show because of march madness for those who don't know what that is its Basketball. A lot of shows throughout April were all repeats because of it. I didn't like the wait either but whatever.


Don't people realize they do this with every other show.. Grey's Anatomy wasn't on for months last year. It's how they get you hooked on their story!


think about it. Even with the erratic schedule we are paitently waiting for it to come back on. Come 10PM I will be glued to the set even though I have been up since 4:30 AM. No other show could keep me awake. Even if it is a rerun I wouldnt miss a second.


I like the show- dont like the replacement (scandles) - hard to watch when it has re-runs in the middle of the season and then stops and starts.


I agree. It is pretty annoying having to wait more than a month to see the continuity.....too bad because it has a lot of suspense


I can NOT believe that they got us hooked on this show then just pick and choose when they will air the next episode. when it 1st advertized they said it would be a WEEKLY show on EVERY WEDNESDAY.


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Revenge Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

Emily: What do you want?
Nolan: World peace but let's start small.

Doubt is a disease. It infects the mind.