Revenge Review: Straight To Hell

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"Justice" landed us deep in the middle of Daniel's trial, as the Graysons were scrambling to find a way to spring their beloved son.

After last week's reveal that Charlotte was under the influence, you'd think her parents might do something about that. But Victoria and Conrad were so involved in their shenanigans - trying to manipulate Daniel's trial - that no one seemed to notice Charlotte is still popping pills. Victoria even told her daughter to be resourceful to get Declan to change his testimony... which was basically code for sleep with the boy if you have to.

Concerned Graysons

No wonder the girl was spiraling out of control by threatening and paying off the staff to sneak in her sleazy ex and then having sex with him to get more pills. The Graysons may save Daniel but they're losing Charlotte - and they don't even seem to care.

Elsewhere, Jack wandered back to the Hamptons after Nolan and Emily sent him on a wild goose chase to find Amanda. His head was spinning, as evidenced by this Revenge quote

 I don't know if she's screwing with me or she's in serious trouble. | permalink

Well, Jack's definitely getting screwed with but it's not by Amanda. At least not this time.

And has Jack really been traveling between Canada and the U.S. with the bloody hoodie in his bag? What the heck was he thinking? Declan was right about one thing: Jack was going out on a very shaky limb for a girl he knew when he was 12.

I almost felt sorry for Declan. He's obviously got it bad for Charlotte because he knew it had been 58 days since they'd broken up. He'd lost his mother and father and he was scared to death he was about to lose Jack too. Still, throwing Charlotte under the bus in court when he knew she wasn't lying was somewhat cruel, even if I did understand his motives.

I still wasn't sold on this storyline with Victoria's lover. Was Dominick really just brought on for Conrad to chase him off or will we be seeing him again?

I sort of hope not. Victoria got pretty cheesy when she was with him as she talked about their love being so hot that if she let him burn her she'd turn to ash and that's why she ran. Ugh. 

Victoria was once again wrapping her son around her manipulative little finger. She had him doubting Emily, but I did have to wonder: didn't Emily realize that the Graysons were watching her from their home? It seemed odd that she wouldn't realize that a home bound Daniel might be quasi stalking her as he called.

When a drunken Daniel showed up at Emily's all I could think was is he that stupid, desperate and jealous. Yes, to all of the above.

How funny was it when Nolan referred to Lee Moran as Victoria's mini-Frank? Unfortunately for Lee, he ended up with a similar fate.

Emily's plan was genius. She exonerated Daniel, protected Jack and set up Lee to turn on the Graysons by simply planting that hoodie on him. Although at this point you'd think the Porters would get a better security system. How many times has their place gotten broken into now?

Emily's set up was an awesome plan. Unfortunately the Grayson power and money reach much farther than she ever imagined.

If we thought that Emily was serious about revenge before, one can only imagine where she'll take this plot now that she believes the Graysons murdered her father. Her search for justice might take them all straight to Hell before it's done.


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Kitanishi h mcdonald

Did anyone notice how Daniel said near the end that he was going to end it once and for all? When the lawyer was walking down the hallway towards a cell I thought Daniel had killed himself, but it was Lee instead. He was going to confess to it all. thats how he planned to "end it all".


Worst episode of the series by far. A trainwreck. I guess they just didn't know how to continue the story after reaching the "what really happened on the beach" milestone. Seems like a plot reset at this point. So I hope it gets back to what it was in the early episodes. Another clinker like "Justice," and I'll have to start looking for the shark.


Did anyone notice how Daniel said near the end that he was going to end it once and for all? When the lawyer was walking down the hallway towards a cell I thought Daniel had killed himself, but it was Lee instead. I have a weird feeling Daniel had something to do with Lee's death. When he asked his lawyer what was going on, his concern seemed too rehearsed like he had practiced it. It would not be surprising if him and Papa Grayson decided to kill Lee to protect their family.


Sorry , but I like the Porter boys and we need the "unwealthy" in this show so it isn't just the "wealthy" ones. Wealthy people always need another scapegoat for their missery and if it wasn't the Porter boys it would some other "unwealthy" person (s) .

Kitanishi h mcdonald

You can't take Jack out of the picture coz who's real Amanda gonna be left with but Nolan.
Considering the path Emily is walking, I doubt she will be left with anyone but herself in the end. Hence why I find the whole shipper rage hilarious.


Jack is the worst character...he reminds of of vanessa from gosisp girl..just useless and shows up to ruin good scenes


Come on. Emily is aware Daniel is watching her. She always has a plan. I like the idea of Jack, but his character keeps getting messed over because they keep pushing for Daniel with Emily. You can't take Jack out of the picture coz who's real Amanda gonna be left with but Nolan.


i hate Jack,kill him,Jack is boring,he sucks,he just getting in the way and Ashley stupid bitch

Kitanishi h mcdonald

Okay what was the point of having Victoria's lover if he just disappears?
For one it developed daddy grayson into way darker and more manipulative obsessive role. For second I REALLY doubt the guy's gone as he is most likely in Emily's pocket too.


Jack/Emily are so boring it's not even watchable anymore. I seriously wished Jack had sailed off to Haiti. Daniel/Emily are much better, and it's more interesting having her tied to a grayson. But otherwise this was a really good episode, please kill declan

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