Supernatural Review: Ghost Whisperer

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In a lot of ways, season seven has reminded me of Supernatural's first season, establishing the big bad guy and involving a lot of little jobs here and there to eliminate ghosts and vampires before getting a chance to even take on the larger focus. After all, we never really got to see the yellow-eyed demon, Azazel, except for a few moments here and there in season one and then more fully in season two.

Which often makes me feel like season seven (and on some level season six) are transitioning towards their own season-spanning story arcs much like one through five did with the angels and demons. And while I buy that there's plenty more of the Leviathan to learn about and explore, my fear is that it might be too little, too late.

Ultimately, the Leviathan saga heads one of two directions:

  1. They either quickly wrap up their storyline by the season finale, which will feel rushed because we've barely seen or dealt with them.
  2. The story continues for a whole additional season with the brothers finally learning how to kill them or discover a secret revelation that changes everything further on down the line.
Answering the Call

If anything, the gravitas of the Leviathan have felt tremendously weak despite them being seemingly invincible. Really, unless the show manages to pull a wonderfully explanatory and jaw dropping white rabbit out of its hat for this evil character, I'm not sure how much longer I can deal with the black goo from Purgatory.

Hopefully the writers have some idea where they want to go with that larger arc so it won't all feel like a letdown. I really want them to pull it off.

And while the Leviathan didn't make any appearance for "Of Grave Importance," the episode did continue in what has been the season's strongest ability: Sam and Dean just plain old hunting.

Because when it comes down to it, Supernatural continues to thrive through its original premise of defeating things that go bump in the night. Luckily, the show has managed to find a variety of ways to portray those scenarios and investigating a haunted house was no different.

Rather, Bobby as a ghost gave us viewers a wildly different perspective of the afterlife and the waiting in between.

I'm still a little mixed on how I feel about him back, especially because I liked the way he went out. As a character he's certainly made things more complicated for himself and I've got a feeling his true ending might not be a happy one.

Yet his presence really gave insight into why Sam and Dean hadn't been able to see him and just how painfully hard it is to move little objects so others can notice. Even the idea that sticking around as a ghost isn't all just peachy haunting and games - but is ultimately a deterioration where you look even more creepy and ghoulish than before. It was certainly another nod that Bobby choosing to stick around might not have been a good idea.

It was fun seeing him try and reach out or even how he's been dealing with his ghostly abilities. Who knew communicating with the living was just as hard as communicating with the dead? Even the prospect of having Bobby reunite with the team while essentially having superpowers seems like a cool concept. Right?

Bobby is Back

It's interesting that Sam and Dean don't really dig the idea of a ghost buddy. I know both of them long for their friend, but not for the outcome he chose. Did he really stick around for his unfinished business with the Leviathan or did he really just not want to let go of the boys?

Dean's statement about "Everything is supposed to end" rang true of the so-called natural order of things but also had a tinge of ominousness for Bobby. What are the odds it all works out?

As for the ghost story, it was entertaining and fresh by including a more powerful ghost that drained the others for his energy. It really felt like, aside from the Bobby issue, another hunting expedition you could have tossed into season one. I love the nostalgia as well as Supernatural's ability to show that Sam and Dean aren't above checking out some unruly spirits even if they've averted the apocalypse or could be easily killed by the Leviathan.

It was certainly an entertaining episode of ghosts, Bobby and revelatory hookups but in the end I'm still waiting for that something bigger to happen that reignites the show and reels everything back in for a grand finale.

What did you think? Are you glad Bobby is back? What does the future hold for the show? Sound off below!


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hey! i seriously think that they should continue on withe the season and do at least 2 or 3 more because ppl r interested in this show and if they cut it off now it will be such a waste! i seriously think that they did a good job with the characters. dean of course according to my username is my fav character on this show! i swear. u know how in like 10-15 years after a show runs and is successful how theyll redo it with differ characters and baisically make it stupid? i hate that and if they evr do actually do tht im guna be pissed! i own all of the seasons except for season 7 cuz im a total supernatural supah fan!!!!!!!!!!!! i love dean winchester (jensen ackles)


I'm not understanding something, why was it so hard for bobby do move things and appear? When sam and dean went into the spirit world and met that kid he taught them how to do ghost stuff in practically no time.


Been thinking a little more about Sam and Dean's reaction to Bobby. Both of them have upset the natural order of things. They have gone out of their way to upset the natural order of things. And now they lecture Bobby? And the end was bad on their part. They acted like Bobby wasn't even there when they were talking about what to do with him, even though they knew he was in the back seat and could hear them. Granted they weren't happy to see him and didn't want him back, but he stayed because he wanted to help them. They didn't have to kick him in the face like that.


they were able to see him because i think that when that ghost tried to eat him and then Sam and Dean burned the bones, i think Bobby absorbed HIM instead, the eating thing was sort of reversed to the extreme, at least it looked like it. so Bobby became stronger and thus he became seen


your synopsis sounded like the episode had alot of sam and dean in it. which in reality they were barely in the episode. like many of the episodes this season and last season-sam and dean have been relagated to guest star status on thier own show as far as I am concerned. it absolutely sucks that the writers and sera have done that to the two most impressive actors as jensen and jared. especially jensen. i am staying with the show but man-hopefully carver turns things around in season 8. supernatural-story of 2 brothers-we can only hope.


this was boring just get rid of him im not interested in the "bobby show" when are sam and dean gonna be the leads again????


I loved this episode. I was happy to see Bobby again, I missed him. As I'm sure many people have missed him. Ghost Bobby was great, I found myself laughing at him a few times. I love his one line "Balls," I always find myself laughing when he says that.


Great episode! I agree that Bobby got some extra juice and thats how he became visible. I don't think the shows writers will kill him off a second time. That would be too much. I have a hunch his spirit will be reunited with his physical body. And we have season 8, too.


I enjoyed this episode a lot and was happy to "see" Bobby again! I think them ssing him and his need for unfinished business will all come to a head in the season ender... there will be a bigger reason for him staying before he goes for good :(
My guess is they could see him at the end because the powerful ghost was trying to well "kill him" and since he had a hand in Bobby it gave bobby some extra ghost juice!

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