Supernatural Sneak Peek: Pssst... Over Here!

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Supernatural returns this Friday with a new episode, one that will bring a couple former friends back in to the picture for Sam and Dean.

But they'll only be able to actually see one of them.

That would be Jamie Luner's Annie Hawkins, who phones the brothers and asks them for help on a case, only for the Winchesters to arrive in town and find that Annie has vanished.

The other old pal? Bobby, who does all he can to make his presence felt, but, as the following sneak peek reveals, has a far more challenging times doing so...

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I also agree with @Tim,getting into the Greek mythology with the Winchesters would be Great!
How about a sexy episode where they get into it with the God of love and the boys fight for the affection of sum chick ( shirts off of course )


AWESOME comments.,I agree with bringing back Adam, isn't he still in the cage.Do the boys assume he is okay?


Can't wait to know if season 8 is on the way!
Bring some new foes in, idk, Medusa, maybe Hades, and Zeus!! That would be cool! Please don't end it on season 8, I got a feeling that the show should end on season 9 or 10!!


Bring Garth for more episodes on next season!


I wish they bring Adam back for season 8, at least for like 4 episodes.


Hi, I have one question ... is there any chance Alona Tal(Jo Harvelle) could return? Or is everything closed with her?:)I am really impatient and worried because I´m her big fan:) Thank you

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