The Secret Circle Review: Did You See The Forest?

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Before the opening credits of "Traitor," I was already well satisfied with this episode of The Secret Circle. It only went up from there; little did I know how much!

Hey sister!
Cassie's character growth since John Blackwell arrived has been amazing. I was so proud of her to reach out to Diana about everything she was going through when it was Cassie who was hurting so much by Jane's passing. Kids on television are far superior to what I was able to pull off as a teen, because Diana had no problem asking Charles about her heritage.

Stunned Witches

Diana was sure that she broke her father's heart and that he had no idea, but it didn't look to me like he even flinched at her reveal. I don't know what was more more shocking, that he might have known all along and protected John Blackwell's daughter for 16 years or that it was so difficult to to read his reaction in the first place.

When he confronted John at the bar, I honestly couldn't tell if learning about Diana was new or old news. I did enjoy how he towered over John. His height took a bit of the intimidation out of Blackwell.

Another fun point was when Cassie was using her black magic and the only way to stop her was for Diana to yell stop. Cheesy, yes, but with the deafening effect they were using, it was a nice touch. These sisters could be a lot of fun.

All you need for a good sex scene is my girl Faye. My personal opinion is that Jake is boring, but put a lingerie clad, practically meowing Faye in front of him and all of a sudden we have an exciting scene. Is there anything Phoebe Tonkin can do to ruin a scene? I'd like to see her try, just for giggles. As always, she kept The Secret Circle quotes section alive. Girl crush!

Did that elixir work at all?
When Cassie kissed Adam, he not only didn't seem surprised, he seemed relieved. He also seemed to be hiding something. Later he talked about the kiss with Melissa and the same look appeared on his face. He never admitted that he had any remaining feelings or that the elixir didn't work, but something was going on in his head. Are you with me, readers? More importantly, do you want there to be remnants of love between them? After all the crap in the beginning, I admit I do. Don't hurt me!

Parents being parents? Say it ain't so!
Pathetic that it took their kids swarming to John Blackwell to notice that their own children had some damned powerful magic, but maybe there's a reason Charles and Dawn lost their magic in the first place. They were so busy thinking about themselves and trying to get their own magic back they didn't even notice how powerful their spawn had become. While Charles took the news of Diana being John's daughter in a somewhat coma-like state, he did make the move to get her the hell out of Chance Harbor.

That's when Dawn told him Faye was under Blackwell's thumb, as well. Geez, Dawn, where have you been? Faye may be great at playing the good daughter when she needs to, but it was sort of embarrassing for them to have the come to Jesus moment like they did, don't you think? Did they finally wake up to caring about their kids?

The big finish...
I LOVE when I can get so immersed into what is happening on screen that I miss the forest for the trees. When the circle arrived at the amusement park and found all the witch hunters dead and one lone hunter, not only responsible for their deaths but running free and teasing the members of the circle, I should have known what was happening.

But I didn't.

Readers have kept the rumor mill alive and patiently waited week after week for Nick to return. Tonight their wish came true. Jake's little brother returned! Did the title refer to him? Could Nick really be called a traitor? After all, the ride (going much slower than a similar one I have ridden in real life, most likely to keep the dead in their seats) was full of murdered witch hunters. If a witch murdered hunters, how would he be a traitor? I'd consider him a helper and a hero for the cause.

Nick did not look right, however. Was there something weird with his eyes or was I just wanting more drama to build upon as we count down to The Secret Circle finale?

More secrets were uncovered and even more cloaked this week.

Diana sure was taking her parentage reveal casually, wasn't she? Did the elixir work on Adam? What will screen time shared with Jake and Nick be like? Will Melissa finally have a chance at love? What are the chances that Charles and Dawn can out-magic Blackwell and the circle? We're winding down here and it's your guess as to what can happen.

Be sure to vote in the Save Which CW Show poll and vote for The Secret Circle! Meanwhile, share your thought about this episode and what's to come in the comments! I can't wait to hear your theories!!


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Strawberry fields

Charles killed Amelia, Dawn killed Henry, John pretty much killed Jane, Ethan is kind of responsible for the massacre, everybody is lying about everything… I just have to say that parents on this show totally suck. When Dawn pointed out to Charles that what's happening to the kids is their fault, I was like: are you guys for real? What the hell did you think was gonna happen? Parents trying to act like parents, this is just priceless. With all that being said, Charles' reaction when Diana asked him about the whole paternity thing - that's easily the best scene of the episode. I love Diana for the way she handled the whole situation. She is such an impressive character. She even stood up to Cassie (let's face it, Cassie was way too bossy with all the important decisions lately). Voice of reason, right there. Good episode, but I'm a little disappointed that they didn't show the moment when Cassie found out about Jane's death. The return of Nick - AWESOME!


I was kinda hoping Nick would stay dead. I didn't want it to become like the vampire diaires, where everyone comes back from the dead.


At first I was upset that faye wasn't cassie sister but watching this episode diana was the right choice she can help cassie control her dark magic I mea n can u imagine faye and cassie being sisters I wouldn't know which sister was more dangerous anyway great episode.... and I must say that Phoebe is so hot and knowing that she has an accent made her even hotter I have a crush on her.


Adam and Cassie belong together and I hope the elixir didn't work because I want them back together so bad! I've been shipping them since episode one! They need to realize their love is way too strong for some elixir to ruin.

Sarah silva

This was my favorite episode!
I had the exact same thought when Adam kissed Cassie and then was talking to Melissa about it that the elixir did not work on him either. I think that the circle are all very powerful even more so that John is, but they just do not realize it yet. So there fore I say that the elixir did not work on Adam either.
I do not want Adam and Melissa to get together, but they will and eventually Cassie will admit to Adam that the elixir did not work on her and she loves him and he will say the same thing.
Where is Ethan? He is a member of Charles and Dawn's circle but I guess since he is not evil and involved in all the mess that Dawn and Charles are then there is no real need for him. (BUT I need some more Adam Harrington).
The scene with Faye and Jake was steamy.
I laughed when Faye was talking about Diana and said she was off somewhere working on her Aussie accent, it was meant to be a joke about Grant. However it was funny because Phoebe Tonkin is Australian and I am sure people have commented on her american accent for the show, so I think it was also a little jab at that.
Nick did not look like himself, I can not wait until next week and we get to see how he survived and then started living at the amusement park etc.

Allison berry barbieri

And, am I the only one that thought the word "Crystals" was overused in this could have been made into a drinking game (drink every time someone says crystal!) with everyone who played getting very drunk!
Finally, logic fails: Who helped Cassie plan a funeral in ONE day?! Jane died the night before, no cops in the town are investigating the death of a somewhat burned woman, and her funeral is literally one day later...what?!?! And Cassie, the 16 year old, handled all the preparations herself? Come ON. And, what now, Cassie just gets to live in the house...will John move in? She's supposed to be 16!!! Also, I am kind of baffled at the Nick storyline but, to speculate on the reviewers questions, I don't think he and Melissa have a chance at love as it seems that Nick is some kind of zombie resurrection...

Allison berry barbieri

me at times but they are acted well. I think the best actors on this show are the ones that play Charles, Adam and Diana. Everyone else is questionable, even Phoebe Tonkin, but mostly because her Aussie/American hybrid accent is distracting..
I think I am so complainy about this because I want the show to recapture the "magic" (forgive the pun) from the first 10 episodes or so...

Allison berry barbieri

I'm having issues with TSC, and I don't know why. I really loved it the first few episodes and I still kind of like it. But unlike it's "sister show", The Vampire Diaries, Season 1 is not as good. The first season should be amazing, no? Yet, too much is happening too quickly..the writers just don't seem to let any one story fully develop, or something.
I DID like how they kind of brought it all back to what happened 16 years ago, and that the situation then is mirrored by the situation now. Side note, they must have had an interesting circle back then..everyone was married to someone in the circle, which must have been huge..and the were all witches?? At least they remembered to tie things together for once!
I also ship Adam and Cassie...and I think maybe the elixir didn't work or is wearing off?
I think my biggest issue with the show is the somewhat wooden acting. I know I shouldn't keep comparing to TVD, but I can't help it...and least on TVD the stories might aggravate me at times but they are acted well. I think the best actors on this show are the ones that play Charles, Adam and Diana. Everyone else is questionable, even Phoebe Tonkin, but mostly because her Aussie/American hybrid accent is distracting..
I think I am so complainy about this because I want the show to recapture the "magic" (forgive the pun) from the first 10 episodes or so...


You left out the best quote of the night: "Remind me to download this song to my 'running for my life' treadmill mix" Faye is kind of awesome!


i want so much adam and cassie together again and i didn't understand if the traitor was nick or nick's spirit because i don't this was his natural clor of his face.

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The Secret Circle Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Jake: Is it true, witch hunters did it?
Faye: That's what Blackwell said.
Jake: We can't just sit here and let them get away with this!
Faye: And we will. But right now there are sad, fragile, old people here. Let's not give them some heart attacks with angry threats.

Diana, you've always treated me like family and I know things are really confusing right now, but if it turns out that you are my sister, I'd be really happy about that.