Weeds Season 8 Trailer: Who Dun It?

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The last time we saw Nancy Botwin, she was in the crosshairs of a would-be assassin.

Of course, the many times we saw this lead character on Weeds prior to that, she was selling marijuana... and having the baby of a Mexican druglord.... and posing as a maid while on the run and dealing hash... and sleeping with pretty much every man she came across.

Indeed, it's been a busy seven seasons for Nancy and her family, and it's likely coming to an end this summer. While Showtime is yet to confirm, odds are strong that season eight of Weeds will be the show's last. On what will the focus be for the dark comedy's final run?

The first official network trailer takes us back through Nancy's earlier escapades, while making it clear new episodes will center on the identity of the season seven finale shooter. Who dun it? That's the question posed here:

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You guys think she'll DIE?? The smoking hottest MILF on Television?? No WAY!!


Really everyone? I think it's gonna be a little less obvious who the shooter is. Probably not anyone who has anything to do with the whole Estaban gang or Peter... Too obvious and recent. Just 8 short little days til we find out for real!! S0o0o excited for season 8!!


Ohh MUST have!What happens when you wash you hands? You don't have to touch the icky soap dinsesper handle because you got your own supply! How nice is that!(yes I do realize that you touch the handle BEFORE you wash your hands still, they gross me out)


P.S. I was high when I wrote this.


I don`t personally think Nancy is dead, I have a good hunch that Nancy had her murder staged, and then she will go into hiding somewhere else. Come on guy`s, How well do you really think it would do for two more seasons without Nancy. Weed`s started with Nancy. Therefore, potentially in her eyes, taking care of the problems? Probably giving the whole season the "You can`t keep a family apart" lesson by the end. But yet again, we all are just guessing ;)


I think It's Guillermo...


its the DEA guy kid that done it he died because of her now his son want to kill her it has to be someone with red hair the shotter has red hair but i dont thinkn it will hit her she will sit down b4 it gets to her


I bet it is The postal service guy that got arrested coming back for his money:)


It someone does get shot, it's not life threatening. I have believed from the very end of season 7 that it is Peter Scotson's kid, Tim. He had the motive and honestly, he HATED Nancy more than any other character. I bet Shane just pulls out a gun and kills him too.


i think the killer is tht cop's wyf...nancy's second husbnd's ex wyf....or it cud b cesar....bt nah,those fuckd guud....he wudn kil ha....mayb wats hs face....da mexican dude hu ws in jail...k...mayb i shud quit wif da gueesin