Weeds Season 8 Trailer: Who Dun It?

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The last time we saw Nancy Botwin, she was in the crosshairs of a would-be assassin.

Of course, the many times we saw this lead character on Weeds prior to that, she was selling marijuana... and having the baby of a Mexican druglord.... and posing as a maid while on the run and dealing hash... and sleeping with pretty much every man she came across.

Indeed, it's been a busy seven seasons for Nancy and her family, and it's likely coming to an end this summer. While Showtime is yet to confirm, odds are strong that season eight of Weeds will be the show's last. On what will the focus be for the dark comedy's final run?

The first official network trailer takes us back through Nancy's earlier escapades, while making it clear new episodes will center on the identity of the season seven finale shooter. Who dun it? That's the question posed here:

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I think the shots gonna miss. Or She's gonna be shot in the shoulder or something. She's not Gonna die though. Not at the beginning but if it really is the last season who knows what's gonna happen. Maybe it's the cops. Maybe shanes gonna bust them all...


Come on you guys I bet the gunshot is actually somebody popping the shooter b4 they pop Nancy, as when the last second b4 you hear the shot the screen goes blank. Speculation may well be what this is all about anyways still the show is full of good humour etc when ya think about it:)Whether the facts arent as some would expect to be in real life hell chill out this is all just good fun.


id say it is peter scottsons son...that kid would have alot to hold over her head


yay i just wish that it would start sooner. i really hope is not Celia im so sick of her!!!!


i cant remember what happen with cesar... but would it be him?


I hope its Celia, I've missed her character on the show.

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