Castle Season Finale Preview: Opening the Caskett?!?

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Who knew a presumed zombie attack could bring two people so close together?

On the penultimate episode of season four, Castle and Beckett battled with the undead on a mostly fun, light-hearted installment of this ABC hit. But we hope you enjoyed the laughter and playful banter... because it's about to get far more serious on next Monday's finale.

Titled "Always," and previewed in this Castle photo gallery, the episode will focus on the murder of an Army veteran - and on Beckett finally tracking down the man who shot her.

Will Castle be able to stop her, by once again uttering those three magic words? And will the final scene depicted at the conclusion of this trailer really go where it appears to be headed? Watch now!

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I like your show but the music is too loud and I can't hear all of what the actors are saying and if something isn't done I will not be watching the program next season. It's either my health or the show. It will be my health.


Cant wait for them to finally get together! Please writers do it already!


The thought of them hooking up makes me want to vomit. I am done with this show.


Yep promo's are always written with a slant that usually has very little to do with the story line as a whole.
We'll see.
A tip for Nathan if your going to bed with a hottie like Stana
IE: Love scenes in S5 :)
Hit the Gym!!


You know what... at the beginning I was mad about them just hooking up for a one night stand or whatever. But at this point, I'm ready for them to be together. Somehow. Any way possible. It just needs to happen. Caskett NEEDS to bloom. :)


rating TV PG LSV
Language, sexual content and violence
normally the ratings for Castle is LV
yeah... they're hooking up


If they are just screwing us with this promo I am going to be sooo pissed off!!


I can't wait!!!!!


promo"s are not always what they seem to be but anyway im hoping for the best.


It's about freakin' time... The Canadian CTV promo shows her getting angry at him for making a deal for her life, and him saying he did it because he loves her. This is gonna be a hot one!

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