Castle Season Finale Photos: Who Shot Beckett?

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Castle will take on zombies next Monday, prior to concluding season four with the focus on a far more pressing topic:

The man who shot Kate Beckett.

That will be the focus of the May 7 finale, "Always," as the death of an Army veteran sends Beckett on pursuit of the assassin who took her down last May. How far will Castle go to keep her safe? What secrets will be revealed? What feelings laid on the table?

ABC has released a number of photos from the finale, which will also feature the return of Judith Scott as Captain Montgomery's wife. Click through them now and let the (hopeful) countdown to Caskett commence...

Castle Season 4 Finale Scene
Car Investigation
Beckett on the Run
Season Finale Crime Scene
Coffee Talking
Beckett, Espo and Ryan
A Priest on Castle

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Can't wait for tonight!!!


Since Castle overheard what Beckett said, the following episodes have shown him really immature. He should have stepped up and let her know why he changed instead of acting like a child. Especially his Mother, she always has something to say, but did not give him any advice to step up and let Beckett. I Love the show, but this situation was a little disappointing on how it was handled


They can't keep the status quo going forever. This one has to resolve either Castle and Beckett's romance or get us the Beckett's mom's killer. If it's yet another near miss between the two, then even when they do hook up we'll be past caring. And Beckett's mom's murderer is already a super-epic megaboss mastermind. Up the ante further and it'll just become silly. With Alexis going to college, Martha getting older, Esplanie on the rocks, the search for Castle's father... there's room for a new story arc. I love Alexis and Martha, but removing one or both of them from Castle's life (college or passing away) could be the foundation of the Season 5 b-plots. I'm hoping we see a Season 5 filled with a cheerful, fun Thin Man dynamic.


I cant wait! No castle last night pissed me off and made me want to cry all at once. Anybody notice espos butt in that pic? Mmmmm espo!



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