Community Review: A Shared Psychosis

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This week's Community picks up two months after the study group was expelled from Greendale following the riot at Starburns' memorial. In "Curriculum Unavailable," Abed is believed to be mentally unhinged and is sent to mandatory therapy for trespassing on Greendale's property.

Of course, as we all know, Abed is normally the one who has it right while everyone else just takes a few steps to catch up. 

Abed Stares At Britta

Let's just get this out of the way, Britta has definitely been drunk enough times to know that organic, all natural, health food is not going to take care of a hangover. If anything, Troy's bagel bite and Dorito casserole will probably do the trick. In fact, it sounds really good. Also, how awesome is the picture of Britta after a peyote trip? Love it.

So obviously everyone is still taking the expulsion pretty harshly. I can't believe two months has gone by! Poor Dean Pelton, who knows where he could be by now? Knowing him, he probably developed Stockholm Syndrome and is putting on productions with his kidnappers. Britta's comment about him cobbling a Patty Hearst costume was so dead on. For the exact line, go to our Community quotes section.

A lot of people would look at an episode that mostly takes place in one room - with a lot of flashbacks - to be kind of a filler, but I actually really loved this. These weren't really flashbacks, either considering they weren't scenes that we've seen before. They also brought the group closer together. And it made everyone realize how integral Dean Pelton really is to the study group - and not just because of his fantastic costumes.

I've broken down the memories into ones I loved and ones I could leave:

Love Em':

  • Annie's version of Troy, Abed, and Annie in the morning
  • Abed narrating Pierce's lunch by pretending he was writing a novel on him
  • The Dean playing people chess to determine parking.
  • The Dean White Fanging a girl who was wearing the same outfit as Annie.

Leave Em':

  • The lame wig party.
  • Advanced breath holding.
  • Pierce's celebratory 10,000th flush. Just ew.
  • Chang tasering his balls.

If tonight's episode were to be a series finale, which thankfully it's not since it's been confirmed that Community has been renewed, the whole twist that everything was really a figment of their imagination while in a Greendale mental institution would've been AWESOME. Alas, it was not.

So what were your favorite memories? Will the study group be able to find Dean Pelton before it's too late? Hit the comments!


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Pardon me, but Love Em' and Leave Em'? What is it you think apostrophes do?


I love this show so damn much. I was nearly crying laughing when "smooth" Dr. Garrett suggested taking one of their pens. If this show wasn't renewed and NBC still renewed Whitney, I would say the Mayans were right about the whole end of the world thing.


Totally with you Leigh, on loving the narration of Pierce's lunch being a love em and the balls tasering being a leave em. That was just gross. So happy Community has been renewed!


thought the episode was great but it reminded me a lot of a Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas, only in non stop-animation/christmas form. Instead of someone pretending to be a wizard there was someone pretending to be a psychiatrist, trying to determine if Abed is crazy, and then ultimately the group bans together against the wizard/psyciatrist and declares Abed normal. can't wait to find out what happened to the Dean though!


I thought the episode was hilarious! I loved how it was done, and the flashbacks of Abed's crazy had me in stitches. Really, who doesn't react like that to daylight savings time? And his narration of Pierce eating a sandwich was priceless. The story was well done...I actually almost bought the insane asylum thing. The thing with Community is that it's so freakin' absurd (what school has paintball) that even the asylum explanation is actually plausible. I'm glad it wasn't true though. Anyone else wanna know what Britta's trauma was? She shut the doc up pretty quickly, like she was afraid she'd be exposed...


I will take the 13 episodes and hope for more but tonight was funny. Just like the clip show in Season two. This episode had me in stiches but a special mention goes to Garretts voice in the insanity bit. Makes me laugh every time. Now to watch it again


I like that there's a multi-episode arc but the episode was mostly filler.


as always, love this show.


THIS EPISODE WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was just great. Chang tasering his balls must have been one of the funniest things I've ever seen! Also, People Chess was HILARIOUS.


Loved this episode and it was so reminiscent of the awesome clip show with the scenes we had never seen before in season 2. I loved the the whole mental patients thing because even though it was clear the therapist was working for Chang there was still a part of me that what if everything they imagined was a dream lol. Cant wait for the three episodes next week leading to the season (thank god not series) finale.

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