New Girl Review: Call Of The Wild

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Where to begin with New Girl’s first season finale? I guess let’s start with a generalization: when you’re in your twenties (or in Nick’s case, early thirties), there are lot of life milestones to experience, and a lot of them can feel like jumping off a cliff into a dark chasm that might not have a bottom.

Okay, so that’s a really elaborate generalization. Here’s a less involved one: these milestones, which can sometimes be scary, are necessary for growth. New Girl and its characters have done a lot of growing this season, but I can’t help shake the feeling that "See Ya" was a step backwards on a lot of fronts.

Nick Agonizes Over a Decision

Nick’s will-he-or-won’t-he moving out plot ended with a definite no, he won’t. Of the gang, Nick has struggled the most this season with growing up (which is a surprise - I would have bet money it was going to be Jess) and it’s given him some of his strongest story arcs and funniest lines. Moving in with Caroline would be the most concrete proof of his attempts at maturity, but he just can’t do it. Is Nick doomed to be stuck in adolescence forever?

Maybe not. You could argue that not moving in with Caroline showed greater maturity than simply caving to what was easy and submitting to what might be an unhappy relationship in domesticity. I’m not sure which side the writers wanted us to fall on. What do you guys think? 

Either way, there’s obviously more at play here than just Nick and Caroline’s relationship. What really stood out this week was Nick and Jess’ relationship. I don’t think they could send clearer signals that they’re in love with each other, besides just coming out and saying it (which would be the mature thing to do, but where’s the fun in that?).

Jess clearly had an ulterior motive when she pretended to throw her keys away. At one point during the group’s desert hang out, she claimed that they were just having fun, but someone doesn’t manufacture a crisis just to have fun. That is the desperate act of someone who wants to spend more time with the person they’re in love with.

So full steam ahead for Nick and Jess ‘shippers! I expect you’ll be getting what you want come season two!

While Jess and Nick are on the verge of a relationship, Schmidt and CeCe’s hit a rough patch. Schmidt can’t handle that CeCe hangs out with hot male models all day (oh yeah, she’s a model! Glad we finally saw her do some model stuff), and can’t believe that she could be happy with a guy like him.

Seems like underneath all his bravado, Schmidt has some self-esteem issues. But CeCe sees right through his attempt to “White Fang” her, which makes her all the more perfect for Schmidt. Their White Fang discussion is over at the New Girl quotes page. I was afraid that New Girl was going to close the case on their relationship in this episode, but instead it was left in limbo, which is a nice hook to leave us with over the break. 

Finally, do I even need to say it? You guys know what’s coming – Winston got the short end of the plot stick, again! At first I was willing to let this slide in the hopes that a stronger, more central Winston was coming, but now it’s just become a pattern. It’s worth questioning – is Winston slowly being demoted to tokensim? If New Girl keeps this up next season, we’re gonna have a serious discussion eclipsing the media frenzy surrounding Girls and it’s lack of racial diversity. Okay, I doubt it will be that big, but seriously New Girl - deal with this!

Overall, "See Ya" was a true to form sitcom finale with just the right amount of nostalgia and scenes of the whole gang hanging out to make us realize how much we’re going to miss this bunch of crazies over the summer. I expect things will pick up right where we left off – with a dance montage – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

See you next season, Newbies!

Stray observations

  • In the past, I’ve lauded Deschanel’s physical comedy skills, but it seems they checked out early. Her way of scaring off the coyote was more cringe-worthy than funny.
  • Schmidt can’t say, "wolf." I would like to know what other words he has trouble pronouncing. Just a montage idea, New Girl
  • I really wanted to see what Neil could bring to the loft! Clearly, he was intended to be the male version of Jess when she showed up at the guys’ doorstep, but I liked his moving in song, the fact that he described himself as a troubadour, that he has some sort of feral animal in a large box, and that he answered their Craigslist ad with a fax.


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From a typical aussie surfer chick. Jess is so sexy and new girl is wickedly funny.
Love your stuff new girl crew. You're all absolutely amazing and side splitting funny!


so glad you made the comment about jess scaring off the wolf - i thought the scene was painful!! when she did the roadrunner thing, i almost turned the channel. yes, jess is a little spacey, but like a grown woman actually thinks 'meep meep' will scare away a wolf. it's too over the top some times. and i agree with @Guest1, i'm not a fan of the jess/nick hook-up at all. it's too contrived and obvious. they've already done a hook-up with 2 main characters, schmidt/cece (my favorite characters, btw), so they need to leave that alone.


did anyone notice caroline's belly as she turned to see nick when he got home??? she looked preggers maybe thats y he needed to move in??


I'm a huge Nick and Jess fan. So I was happy with their scenes in this episode. A LOT is usually said between them with just their looks which is very impressive. I think Jake and Zooey have such an amazing chemistry together. And this episode further showed that. I also like that the focus was on Nick because he is absolutely my favorite character. So I always enjoy Nick centric and Nick/Jess centric episodes the most.

Lindsey kempton

I completely agree: T-Dog is the current tokenism champ. I was really just expressing a fear that if the pattern New Girl has set up for Winston continues, and he gets less and less screen time each week, then he might be slipping into the role of a token character. I would be so happy if they added more Winston and subtracted some Nick/Jess.


Liv is correct. The Reigning King Of Token Character is indeed T-Dog from The Walking Dead. That guy gets entire, not just eps, but series of eps, where he says nothing. Terrible.
Winston's just a very poorly used character. For a guy who's so funny, it's a drag. Forgo the Jess/Nick plot for more stuff with him, please.


I enjoyed reading this review but do not necessarily agree with all the things that's been said. I don't really think Winston is a "token" character. If you want a "token" character, I give you T-Dog from The Walking Dead. While I would love to learn more about Winston, he's had a story line this season - winning back Shelby, getting his job, etc. He definitely plays a viable role in the series. His joke about Schmidt being a Jew in the desert slayed me. Cece calling Schmidt out on the White Fang thing wasn't necessarily them being "perfect" for each other, I don't think. It's the only book on his Kindle, which she pointed out. So it might have just been her noticing. As far as the synopsis of the episode, I think it was pretty much a give-in that this finale was going to focus on Nick moving. I don't think it was immature for Nick to back out of it. In fact, I think it was the opposite. I think him signing the lease with Caroline right away showed his immaturity. He never thought it through, he did it out of an act of desperation and fear of loneliness. Now of course, saving the best for last: Nick and Jess. They are obviously going to get together, but I was relieved that they didn't at the end of the season. Their relationship will need to develop A LOT. I hope it takes a couple seasons until it happens. Good on the writers for not jumping the shark and not getting them together so soon.

Tony williams

Good season finale but the storyline on Winston is weak. He is an ex player with so many issues...why bother. Schmidt took the suave role but Winston could definitely be the grounded one on the show and fit in perfectly.

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Jess [to Schmidt]

CeCe: Are you "White Fanging" me?
Schmidt: What?
CeCe: White Fang? The only book you have on your Kindle. The book you wouldn't stop talking about, and I said, "Would you please stop talking about White Fang" and then you said, "Someday, I'm gonna do that to somebody".