Glee Picture Preview: Invasion of the Body Swappers!

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Tomorrow night, Glee goes to prom.

A week from tomorrow night, Glee goes off its rocker. Or Tina does, at least.

On the episode titled "Props" - part of a two-hour event that will include a trip to Nationals, featuring guest stars Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton - Tina will smack her head and suddenly see the world a tad differently. Meaning what, exactly?


Blaine as Puck
Will as Sue

Yeah. We'll also be treated/scarred for life by shots of Puck as Blaine, Mike as Joe and Sugar as Quinn.

Click through these photos now and sound off: Are you excited for this episode?

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They all look amazing. Even though I think Teen jesus doesn't look like Mike at all I understand why his hair is that way. It's because his hair is too long for that kind of stuff. Oh Well, its all good anyways. The best is Puck and Blaine hahaha


Can't wait


i don't like what they did with Mike, he is sooooo obviously wearing a wig with his own hair sticking out in the from and gelled up to mix with the wig. the only truly scary transformations are that of Blaine and Puck, i hope that Blaine is wearing wig, i hope they didn't really shave his hair off!!


They all look good except that dreadlocks guy who just looks like himself. When they can do such drastic hair on the likes of Puck and Blaine (heck even the little Irish lad's got a wig on) they couldn't hide his dreads (bald cap/stocking cap with wig on top anyone?!)?
Oh well at least they made an effort with the others (been pretty underwhelmed by the dreadlocked guy playing his actual character anyway so doubt Mike would have been that great a leap anyway, all he does is dance, snog Tina and make her cry with happiness).

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Tina: My name is Tina. Tina Cohen Chang.
Sue: Isn't she the one who used to stutter?

You only have yourselves to blame. And the liberal media.


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