Gossip Girl Producers Preview "The Return of the Ring"

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In an extra-long version of their weekly video preview, the producers of Gossip Girl offer us a glimpse of what's to come in Monday night's much-anticipated fifth season finale, "The Return of the Ring."

Their mixture of clips and commentary helps paint a picture of the episode to come, as did the news earlier today that someone sees G.G., like for real, next week. She apparently plays a major role.

A few things we learned from the video below:

  • Serena claims she never intended for Blair's diary to be published, and that she only took a photo of it so she could, only to have Gossip Girl steal her laptop and everything on it.
  • Blair sends her minions to contain the damage, possibly in vain.
  • Dan grows uncomfortable over Chair growing closer together, setting up a clear choice that Blair will make - one way or the other - to finally settle the love triangle in this episode.
  • William van der Woodsen returns, and Lola gets big news that not only impacts not only herself, but her relationship with Nate and quite possibly the future of the Upper East Side.
  • Lily and Rufus have decisions to make that change everything.
  • Gossip Girl's back, in a major way, and is not happy ... she is very ready to prove to everybody just how powerful she is. Sounds ominous, doesn't it? How will it play out?

Follow this link for more Gossip Girl season finale spoilers and discussion, then sound off on what you think will go down in "The Return of The Ring" in the comments below:

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It is so sad to see other vital characters get destroyed in the wake of this Blair and Chuck drama. Any hoo, my ultimate ending would be if Serena would get married!!!! Blair already had her moment and she mucked it up. I think is time for Serena to get her chance at true happiness!


I know it was Bart who gave Chuck blood. I'm talking about in season 3 when Chuck took a cup with Elizabeth's saliva on it and had it DNA tested to prove that she was his mother. Chuck should never have thought Diana was his mother because he already got proof that Elizabeth was. @Ninque
You are right about the photo. Nate gets Elizabeth's number (presumably from Andrew Tyler) and calls her for proof and she is the one who sends him the photo. Andrew Tyler found Elizabeth again for Chuck, but he decided against contacting her.


Omg chair all the way like dose anyone pay atten.tion
To he fact that he paid off her dowery and like he didnt evan want her to know and then clearly dan had to come in and tell Blair and it's kinda like omg dan u r Just Like ur dad u always have to be inside the circle but that would imply u would have to be wanted inide the circle because the second u find something out that could benift u evan the slighted bit u will tell ome body and we all know the only reason he wants Blair to go to Rome because dan know that she still luvs chuck and he dosnt trust her around chuck all summer and it used to be so funny when she used to be so funn y and just Blair and now frisking dan has changed her and what were u thingking writers but I beg of u please make anuther season


You are confused,its Chair fans threatening to abandon the show and well when that happens i hope i don't have to read their trolling comments here :)


@Sarah It wasn't Diana who gave the blood it was Bart . Diana brought him there before anyone can see him :) But I'm confuess I was watching one of the eps and remember when Diana was in the limo? And gossip girl was like the real btw was like something about diana's secret that made her scared of her in the first place ? What is it :/? Because she did say she did stuff in her past :/ so hmmmm


@Zoran: Are you sure about the photo? As I remember (but I could be wrong) Nate said, he just gor email from Elisabeth, and it was the photo with comment: I'm sick of all the lies (or something like that)


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvs... has anyone seen these pics, blair and chuck in a casino.. wonder what this could mean


so glad all the dair fans are gonna stop watching gg after the season finale
won't have to read their posts anymore :)


I'm afraid of what it's going to happen!!! first of all, I always thought that Lily and Rufus were made for each other and that they always remain together, but, as it seems, the producers disagree with me.... I ask to me only a thing: why don't my expectations came true? ps waiting for monday....


@Ninque, i don't think elizabeth knew the extent of what Jack was going to do to Chuck. she felt awful afterwards and gave jack an ultimatum (that bass also chose the empire hotel over his woman). pretty sure Jack is a Class A liar and made her think it was for Chuck's own good somehow. who knows, maybe it was all part of some bigger plot by Bart to make sure Chuck didn't get a big head about thinking he was the better Bass and/or to teach him never to trust anyone with his livelihood. I don't think Jack has made any moves on Chuck's life that weren't masterminded by Bart (except probably the sleeping with Blair thing). what i keep wondering is how on earth did chuck (and apparently, also the writers) forget that he had Elizabeth DNA tested??? sure she said she wasn't his mother, but you can't fake DNA. he got the positive results back as he was having the conversation with Blair about who to sign his hotel over to during his scandal. that HUGE plot hole really irks me.

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