House Season Finale Pics: Does Everybody Die?

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The House series finale is almost upon us.

Following an episode that changed the game for Chase, fans are awaiting word on Wilson's cancer diagnosis. Is he out of the woods? Will he be a goner? To whom, exactly, does the final episode title of "Everybody Dies" refer?

The following pictures might be worthy of a SPOILER ALERT, considering the characters they depict and the states in which these characters are in. But you really never know. House has been known to include some fantasy sequences in the past.

So click through below at your own risk, check out the official promo for next Monday's "Holding On" and decide: do you think anyone will die?

Doctor House Photo
House Series Finale Photo
Happy Wilson
House in the Hallway
Concern for House
James LeGros on House
The House Swan Song
Foreman and Wilson

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I am a newcomer to House and have seen all episodes very recently. I've loved the series but have problems with a few things in the last episode. First of all the heroin addict, House's last patient, tells House he'll take the rap for House's act of vandalism. House agrees since the guy's going to die anyway. House can simply take leave from the hospital to care for Wilson since he won't have to worry about going back to prison. So why does House have tofake his own death? The vandalism's no longer a problem.
The scene in the burning building is flawed. When House comes to the window we see his silhouette and shortly thereafter a beam from the roof falls on him. There's a huge explosion. How on earth can he have escaped via the back entrance after this?
And . . .his motivation. Evewrybody including the producers thought what House'd done in giving up his medical career as well as personal identity so selfless. I went along believing this and feeling great about the ending for days. As I'd loved House and wanted to believe the best of him.
However he needed Wilson far more than Wilson ever needed him. Wilson's concerned with his own impending death and cries to Foreman "House is not my child. I should not have to worry about him when I'm facing my own death."
It seems to me that House is not being noble (although I loved the scene in which he gave Wilson his vicoden) House is the one who needs Wilson and by devoting his time to the last five months of Wilson's life he's getting the best deal he can for keeping his friend.
I loved Lisa Palmer's analysis. Would love to hear what she has to say or anyone else who has thoughts on the matter.


I will certainly miss House....forever

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