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Tonight's series finale opened with House lying on the ground next to a man, presumably dead.  It takes place right after the last episode where House is still coping with Wilson's illness and his parole being revoked.  As House lies on the floor of the building, House hallucinates Kutner appearing and from that point on, House describes his experience with this particular dead patient and how he came to be in this burning building.

The patient is a heroin addict and chooses drugs and death over the reality of his life.  And for the next 40 minutes or so of the episode, House imagines speaking to Amber, Stacy, and Cameron, all important women of his past about whether to fight through the fire or if he would be happier just to give up and die.  As each takes a turn in offering an opinion, which is really House's subconscious, House finally realizes he should get up and fight.

Meanwhile, Wilson and Foreman realize House is missing and track him down to the burning building where an explosion occurs!  In the next scene, it's House's funeral and a number of former team members were there including Cameron, Thirteen, and Masters.  Stacy and House's mother were also in attendance.  As Wilson gets up to eulogize his friend, he receives a text that says "Shut up, you idiot" and Wilson goes to his House and finds House waiting for him.

House faked his own death in order to spend time with Wilson in his last five months.  Doing that for Wilson means House giving up medicine and potentially going to jail for years in the future.  The series ended with a montage.  We see Taub happy with his kids, Foreman discovering House's badge and realizing he's still alive, Chase taking over as the head of the Diagnostic Department, and Cameron staring wistfully at her old team as we see her new husband and child come by her hospital and pick her up from work.   And finally, House and Wilson, each on their own motorcycle, ride off together.

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In the last episode(season 8), there is a part of a song played by guitar, somewhere at the min. 28. Can someone please tell me, what's the name of that song??


Oh wait.. I guess House would have had to put the badge there after he supposedly died. Okay :)


How does Foreman know House is alive when he sees his badge..? I thought he knew by the way he smiled but couldn't figure it out.


Mary, I believe the song is "Keep Me in Your Heart (for a while)" by Warren Zevon.


In the final episode "Everybody Dies", what is the song before the last song when they drive off on motorcycles. It has words like "Keep me in your heart for a while". Thanks


House will die. Wilson is die and House will not want to go on living without him, especially with the immediate threat of prison. Wilson and the rest of the team will be able to cope with the loss of House; not vice versa. He'll do something irrational yet somewhat heroic to rationalize his fatal actions because he's done with life and has had his fill. House will be laid to rest with with Wilson.


i do hope so, but i think not. :-(

House Season 8 Episode 23 Quotes

I can't even get stoned without some annoying jerk thinking I need to be analyzed.


From what I hear, nothing black is tiny. Except your penis.

House [to Foreman]