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Who doesn't love The Happiest Place on Earth? Well, I'm sure there are some people, but I'm certainly not one of them. On this week's Modern Family, the Dunphy-Pritchett crew traveled to Anaheim to spend the day at "Disneyland."

Despite Manny's protests that he wanted to hang back in order to ensure that he won the stock market project, everyone seemed to have a mostly good time. By the end, at least.

Will Gloria & Manny Survive?

Can you just imagine how much fun this episode must've been to shoot? I'm seriously green with envy over here. I am counting the days until my nieces and nephews are old enough to take another family trip to Disney.

I think Jay is right, you do need a kid to get into Disney. It's too bad Manny is in such a rush to grow up. But it is hilarious that he's not afraid to admit that he's now accustomed to a certain lifestyle. That kid is nothing if not honest. 

I really can't believe that Claire set up Haley on a blind date for their day at the park. I see how it's a good ice breaker, but what if they didn't get along? I can't think of anything I'd want to do less than entertain a total stranger when I'm spending the day with my family at Disneyland. But Claire is the risk taker, that's her M.O. She often references her days as a wild child. 

As much as Claire relates to parts of Haley, she hopes that Haley ends up with a guy like Phil. Which is why she was all the more amused when rebellious Dylan turned out to be a Dapper Dan or whatever that barbershop quartet was called. For Claire's exact line, hit up our Modern Family quotes section. 

Poor Phil has been waiting for the day Luke would be old enough to ride roller-coasters with him and he ended up feeling sick. Just looking at Phil's nauseating reaction had me recalling my own feeling after going on certain rides. Personally, I opt for the adventure and theme stuff over the speed and stomach dropping stuff. Lucky for Phil, he wasn't sick because he was getting old, but rather because he has poor sharing habits (yes, you should get cups at the office) and caught the flu at work.

I thought the most touching thing about this episode was when Jay revealed why he loved the Abraham Lincoln robotic show. It wasn't because of the show, the performance itself it probably a little dull. But it made him realize that he needed to put his kids first. Jay isn't very expressive about his feelings, so it was nice when he opened up about his love for Claire and Mitchell.

What did everyone else think about the family's jaunt to Disneyland? Could you have survived a day in Gloria's shoes? Would you have gotten Lily a leash? Do you love Disneyland? Hit the comments!


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Looks super fun!! I love how you could see actual fans taking pictures and stuff


Phil ruined this episode for me. I know his writers want him to be immature and imbecilic, but they are maybe going to far. No grown man would act as he does.


I loved this episode, Gloria and her shoes and Jay loving her enough to give her those hideous slippers, ( I think one of my kids had apair when they were little) Lily was cute in her slippers also. I have wished I had a leash for my kids many times.


Nice episode but I hardly focused because I was too busy looking at how they shot it - near the end you can SEE people lining up and staring at them and in the beginning when they get to Disneyland you can even see people taking photos aimed directly at the camera. Funny shit I tell ya!


Awesome episode! I now want to visit Disneyworld ASAP! =)

Sarah silva

I loved every moment of this show, however I know they spent 1 week in Disney filming and I have seen photos at California Adventure too so it would have been nice to have a 2 part episode. However hopefully on the Season 3 DVD set they will have all the Disney footage as an extra!
I laughed a lot this episode, I always laugh but for me I was laughing almost non stop.
I liked seeing Sara Hyland's real life boyfriend on the show I guess as they were spending that long at Disney all the families got to tag along so it created an opportunity for him to be on the show. Some of my fave moments were when Jay was doing his one on one video moments.
Dylan dressed as little John and dancing as he imagined that was what Little John does.
Hayley telling her mom to not freak out but that they had to give Dylan a ride as he lost his job and the adding that they are back together.


I usually love this show but last night - I was a little over the top. The reason? Jay and his story, as he told over the course of the show. It's not often that one will relate so closely to a character but I have to tell you: I did. Like Jay, I was living in a kind of a hell with my wife for many years (we married way too young, and just weren't right for each other, ultimately), and - like Jay - we had two kids. And, like Jay, I stayed with my wife until my kids were grown, for their sake. Might have been the wrong decision, but truly - I don't think so. Anyway, at the end of THIS episode, I kind of cheered.


This episode was awesome and made me realize why I loved this show to begin with. Not gonna lie some of the magic has worn off this season, I guess I miss the touching family moments and those ending messages which was cool in this one with Jay telling one story throughout the whole episode.


i loved this episode.. i wish i was there when they were shooting.


Bizarrely, the funniest part of the episode (and I enjoyed the whole episode) was when Gloria was tapping her foot in the slipper. Just the perfect touch :-)
And, of course, Little John.

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