Private Practice Review: Making Tough Calls

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Coming off news of a possible renewal, Private Practice delivered a strong installment tonight. It should come as no surprise, considering the Seaside Wellness doctors have brought their A-game all season long.

Violet and Pete

With more than enough drama to pass around between all of the doctors and their personal lives, most recent episodes have only shown a single medical case each week. Here, though, we were fortunate to see two different cases involving a child who has a gender identity disorder, and also an illegal immigrant facing deportation wanting to induce her pregnancy.

While I can’t get enough of Addie and the gang’s personal issues, there’s nothing I love more than the way Private Practice makes me think and rethink my position on a variety of issues. I definitely found the mixed perspectives and discussions involving both cases interesting, as the line between right and wrong certainly seemed blurred. One thing’s for sure: doctors have to make tough calls.  

In regards to the case with the 10-year-old girl, I thought that both Cooper and Violet did the right thing by talking to the girl without the parents’ permission. After all, she did come to them desperately crying out for help.

As for other case, I’m just glad that I wasn’t Addie and had to decide what was best and the right thing to do. Still, I had a gut feeling throughout the entire episode that the woman would try to take off with her baby. I was right! However, I want to know how she got out of her room - and even the hospital - with the two immigration agents nearby.

Elsewhere: Sheldon was still MIA, leaving Amelia to turn to Jake as a doctor and personal confidante. When she felt her baby kick, I so badly wanted her to talk to Addie. Honestly, I was just glad that Addie reached out to her regardless of the way she’s been out of touch recently.

As for Charlotte and Cooper, they both spent most of their time at odds with one another. Rightfully so, Charlotte was still upset with Cooper about his preposterous statement from last week suggesting she wasn’t Mason’s mother.

I thought it was ironic when Cooper called Mason a jerk. Hi, kettle. This is the pot speaking. Luckily, Charlotte and Cooper made up in the end like they always do as they let the dust settle and Cooper finally apologized. I foresee more issues with Mason in the near future and Cooper needs to realize that it just isn’t going to be easy. He seriously must step up and be an adult.

Meanwhile, who’d a thought that baby Henry would bring Sam and Addie a bit closer? Well, actually only closer if Sam was considered a part-time babysitter. Like Pete said, AddiSam circle back and forth and Sam just needs to stop trying to be a bad guy. I’m hoping Addie finds a reliable nanny so she doesn’t need to rely on Sam anymore.

Finally, it’s time for the Violet Annoyance Scale (VAS). I’m rating this episode a 5. I’ve got to give credit where credit is due, and I respect that Violet wanted to still try to convince Pete that counseling was the right route to take. Also, she emphasized several times that work was needed in order to get their marriage on the right track. However, all that self righteousness was for nothing. She still ended up sleeping with Pete. And yes, I know it takes two to tango.

By the way, what was Pete thinking by wanting to leave his family behind and help a random woman? When Pete told Violet he was leaving, she was upset and questioned how he could leave when their relationship was on the rocks. If I’m not mistaken, Violet has left Pete TWICE before when things got even just a little tough. Seriously, this just goes to show how messed up Pete and Violet are together.

Overall, tonight's installment was above average, but not quite near perfect as we've seen most recently. Let's hope that this season finishes strong and we continue to get amazing stories.  

So, what did you think, TV Fanatics? Hit the comments to share your thoughts on "True Colors." Also, don’t forget to return later this week to chime in on our Private Practice Round Table.


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I am so sick of the Violet and Pete thing going on and on_ enough already!
They should both move on as I find their relationship so annoying at this point, talk about beating a dead horse. The same with Sam and Addie_ Move on


Actually liking the vibe between Amelia and Jake. In case their pairing is explored romantically, she needs to fight to make sure they never breakup since he claims he never visits the same "well" twice.


I've read a few comments, not all, but some regarding Sam having to watch Addisons baby. Though the writers decided to have the charecter of Sam get mad regarding "having" to watch Addisons baby, never once did she ask him to watch her child. 1st time - she told him her nanny couldn't make it, she would call Violet - Sam then offered and proceeded to tell her it wasn't a problem even when she asked if he was sure. 2nd time - He himself relieved her nanny. How's about being a little more on the ball with the writing there PP, just saying!


Please, I beg you show, let Addison and Sam stay apart. These two have no chemistry, and they are annoying together. Violet and Pete are also annoying together, but they are just as unlikable and annoying apart, so just stick them together since they have a kid. I was really looking forward to Addison and Jake. I am glad she got the baby, but I don't see why she has to drop Jake altogether. Thank goodness for Charlotte. Sheis the only one who seems to have any sense, really.


Redilly and GA Addict, yes, you are right about that premature baby being way too big to actually be born at 35 weeks, my son was almost 32 weeks when he was born, and he weighed only 3 and a half pounds! His lungs weren't fully formed and he had to be in the NICU for two months before he could come home. That woman's baby would have been smaller and would likely have had some kind of problem with his lungs or his liver and had to be in an incubator in the NICU. And GA Addict, I also missed Sheldon, and I agree, he's a much better shrink that annoying Violet, who should have gotten a 6 or a 7 on the VAS this week, in my opinion. She's so smug about her profession and believes that talking something to death will solve it as a problem, when I think Pete is perfectly right about trying to get the fun back in their relationship.


Amelia. Oh, Amelia. How sad was it when she felt her baby kick and realized it changes nothing about the situation. She was so focused on donating her baby's organs that she completely forgot how hard it's gonna be getting there. And it's time to bring Sheldon back. I missed him so much throughout the last episodes. About Violet and Pete. Still don't know what to think of that. It's all of kind confusing. All this back and forth.. And Pete trying to cover up their problems with fancy dinners and weekends at cabins? And then considering leaving with a woman to help her rebuild her life? Instead of working (harder) at his marriage? Cooper and Charlotte. Kinda ironic how Charlotte who is "not Mason's mother" is a better parent to him than Cooper is. Cooper needs to grow up, if he's already struggling to be a good father to Mason.. And AddiSam needs to be buried. I never liked this couple.


Did anyone else really miss Sheldon? Because he is hilarious and a MUCH better shrink than Violet, who transfers all of her personal issues onto patients. It's funny, when he first started, I didn't care for him. But now is one of my favorite characters. And Amelia really needs someone to talk to if she is going to continue giving Addison the silent treatment. Jake may be a good doctor technically, but he has terrible judgement whenever the ethical concerns crossover into medicine. Remember the case a few episodes ago where he wasted a heart on the wrong patient, meaning he killed some innocent on the list who could have actually made use of it? Not exactly the person I would go to for advice. All he ever does is give the patient what they want, even if it's wrong or has disastrous consequences.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the woman's child was induced several weeks early, right? If so, why was her baby the size of a toddler? It was huge!


I find it ironic that Pete went to Mexico to set up a clinic, he leaves believing it's working, then finds out it's not working and decides to go back and do the work. Yet he won't do this for his marriage?????


A wonderful episode, like the whole season 5! LoVe Them!
The Violet and Pete story is really well played! In other shows they would already be happily ever after but here they are hitting deep into the emotions and it's great!
Addie! Missed her having solo scenes with Jack! Missed their chemistry!
Charlotte and Cooper! They have the best story line from the start! And they are going step by step! And Shonda did it right!
Amelia! I'm not sure about her story line, interesting where it's headed!
And Sheldon is back next week! :D And why Naomi didn't appear at all!

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