Revenge Round Table: "Reckoning"

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Revenge exploded into the summer last Wednesday with a finale that left three characters on the verge of death.

And while questions and spoilers regarding Revenge Season 2 are already floating about, let's stop for a moment and relive "Reckoning." Join Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Christine Orlando, Chandel Charles and Leigh Raines below as they do just that...


What was your favorite scene from the finale?
Matt: I can tell you my LEAST favorite scene: Emily uttering the cliche that if she doesn't make it, tell Jack that she loves him. BARF! My favorite was probably the slow-motion walk of Victoria into that airplane, as we all wondered whether she had a plan or would actually perish once it took off.

Christine: I loved Emily and Nolan sharing a toast to her father. It was a touching and sweet bonding moment amidst the rest of the chaotic back stabbing that is Revenge.

Chandel: Probably the scene where Emily decided not to kill White-Haired Man (WHM). We got to see Emily consider crossing a bridge that she couldn't turn back from, and I think it was important that she chose to honor her father by letting him live.

Leigh: It's a few scenes actually: the entire ending montage set to the Florence and the Machine song, for starters. I particularly loved the part when Nolan went over to comfort Emily. They have really become best friends.

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Should Emily have let WHM live?
Matt: Yes, I'm behind the idea that she has to remain pure in some way. Once she goes goes over to that dark side, she can't ever go back. But she could have at least maimed the guy. Let's see him try to wreak future havoc, or open his mail, without any thumbs!

Christine: Having him alive is a definite risk now that he knows her secret and, as a trained assassin, he could pop back up at any time. But if Emily had actually committed murder it would have made it more difficult to root for her so in the end I'm glad she didn't.

Chandel: Yes, to honor her father and to prevent a murder investigation that would lead straight to her!

Leigh: By letting him live she let a piece of her father's compassion live and made herself more human. Of course, she also unknowingly let a crazy assassin continue his work for a company even hire up than Grayson Global.

Victoria Grayson: Dead or alive?
Matt: Alive. Which would typically annoy me - such an obvious tease on a season finale - but the aforementioned slow walk and the clear threat Conrad leveled against her doesn't even make this a cliffhanger to me, so I'll let it slide. The mystery is what Victoria will do with her faked death.

Christine: Okay, now I'm having flashbacks to a Bon Jovi concert I went to as a teenager. But back to Victoria. She has to be alive, right? What fun would the Hamptons be without Victoria? I can't wait to see Daniel's reaction to her supposed death.

Chandel: Definitely alive. She's not stupid enough to not have realized that Conrad was clearly threatening her before she got on that plan. What she did about the threat, if anything? Sunday nights in September will tell.

Leigh: How could they kill off Madeleine Stowe? I won't believe it until I see a body - and even then she'd probably come back and haunt people from the afterlife.

What is the deal with Emily's mother?
Matt: The better question: Who should portray her? I think she's actually part of the Initiative and Emily's inner demons will also quadruple in size once she learns her real mother is more evil than her near-mother-in-law.

Christine: Witness protection? Secret super spy? Mental institution? Who knows. But I want to know what kept this mother away from her child after she was bounced into foster care and then juvenile hall. There must be one heck of a story behind that.

Chandel: I don't know, but I am definitely looking forward to finding out!

Leigh: Any number of option,s but it has to be juicy to have kept her away from her daughter all of these years. Here's hoping for some awesome casting!

How do you feel about Fauxmanda's return and is Jack really the father of that baby?
Matt: It's a bit of a contrived set up to keep Emily and Jack apart, but since I want them apart, I won't complain. It clearly isn't Jack's kid, so the only question is how Takeda figures into the pregnancy, which creator Mike Kelley has confirmed is legitimate.

Christine: I figured she'd be back... but pregnant?!? I didn't see that coming. Thinking about Fauxmanda as a mommy is kind of scary. It's probably a 50/50 shot of that baby being Jack's and that's even scarier.

Chandel: I was pretty shocked. I knew she was going to come back, but did not expect the baby bombshell. That really kicked the surprise up a notch. I'm not buying that Jack is the father, though.

Leigh: Wasn't Takeda supposed to be "taking care" of Fauxmanda? Last we saw him he told Emily that she couldn't save both her lovers and had to choose. It looks like he somehow manipulated and made that choice for her. Also, I'm gonna Jerry Springer this situation and say that Jack is not the father.

What do you think will happen when season 2 begins?
Matt: SPOILER ALERT... there's going to be a wedding on the premiere. That much we know. Who's wedding? I say Jack and Fauxmanda's.

Christine: I hope we don't have to wait too long before we find out Victoria wasn't on that plane. Then, it will be the hunt for Emily's mom. And who do you think will get a puppy? Jack or Emily?

Chandel: We'll start setting up the plot for all of 2012-2013, which will likely include Emily's search for her father and the fallout from the plane explosion.

Leigh: We will pick up where we left off: Charlotte in the ICU. Search and rescue dealing with the plane crash. Conrad out of his mind. (I don't think Conrad planned the bomb, I think he just realized WHM tipped him off). Daniel and Ashley will be having skanky revenge sex. Emily and Nolan will be looking for her mother and gathering intel on Americon. They will also continue to be the best duo ever.

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1. My favorite scene was absolutely the end montage, specifically the whole part with my personal favorite, Charlotte Graysson.
2. I felt she should have killed him, that's what my expectations were building up to. But I was glad it didn't come to that in the end, she would have immensely regreted it, and would not have honored her father in doing so.
3. Is that even a question? Alive. The real question: Charlotte Graysson.
4. I have to say that was my least favorite part of the finale... it wasn't even that surprising. We all saw it coming episodes away, the way they kept mentioning her ALL THE TIME.
5. It's probably Jack's baby, not that I'm rooting for it. Then again, Jack and Emily bore me beyond anything. Amanda on the other hand, should at least have an interesting storyline.


Victoria better be alive or I'm done watching. She makes the show. Plus, why would they kill her off without her ever knowing Emily is the real Amanda.


1. Fav scenes were when Emily was kicking WHM's ass, Conrad realising that Lydia betrayed him again, Victoria walking on the plane and the whole Seven Devils song playing. Revenge should win a background score award! And ofcourse the ending when Emily says "Let it Play" 2. Yes she did the right thing. She is many things but she isn't a killer and doing that would have made her like the people she is trying to defeat. He prob will come back and she might kill him in self defense. 3. Victoria could be alive, but she could also be dead. He said a fan fav would die. And who is more fan fav than Victoria (after Emily). I hope she is alive and will put a wrinkle in Americons plans. 4. Emily's mother could b CIA or something that infiltrated Americon Initiative. That's my unlikely guess. I'm not gonna predict anything more than that cuz they will surprise us with the most shocking and amazing story. 5. She is not carrying Jack's child and I hope she is outed. Fauxmanda gives me the creeps. 6. I don't wanna predict anything, just hope that if Victoria is alive, Emily gets her back for that empty box thing.


Victoria and the present! The women has Style! And finally she was so cold like I wanted her to be!
I don't know! It depends where the writers will take him! If he goes on Grayson rampage I would love it! But he ows Em one and that is huge!
Alive! Em hates her essentially and than every other Grayson!
4.Moma can U hear me!
It's a twist in the most twisted show (afterVD). It strange they never mentioned her be4 but now it makes sense.
I knew she would come back in BiG style! But this was huge! Interested in what the mentor did with her!
The Mom backstory and Amanda vs FAmanda! And finally Amanda vs Victoria! Shock the shit out of Us!


1. Definitely the ending montage.
2. Yes. She mustn't go to the dark side. Yet.
3. Alive. They wouldn't dare to kill such a big part of the show.
4. I wonder why she hasn't reached out to her in all those years.
5. Jack's not the fahter.
6. I think the wedding will be between Daniel and Ashley, so he can access his trust fund.


1. Emily and Nolan scene when he left the warehouse and their last scene.
2. Yes, because she need more information.
3. Alive
4. She is also behind the terrorist plot.
5. Good, that way Emily wouldn't be stuck in a boring relationship.
6. Emily comes face to face with her mother and then it starts off with how they got there.


Will Daniel and Emily join forces to help Charlotte ?

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