The Mentalist Review: A Different Life

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Who hasn't thought about a different life? Almost everyone, and Teresa Lisbon is no exception. 

"So Long, And Thanks For All the Red Snapper" had Teresa running into an old love with Patrick Jane at her side. I'm sure she would have planned that differently if she could.

Jane & Lisbon Investigate a Surfer's Death

Greg, Lisbon's ex-fiance, now has a wife and three kids and I couldn't help but wonder if Teresa looked at their family and thought that they could have been hers if things had gone differently.

But then again, Greg's life certainly wasn't paradise. Greta cheated on him with a surfer dude. That had to hurt.

I was really hoping to learn more about Lisbon's past in this episode, but we got very little. They were 17. They got engaged. He felt Teresa lied to him and Teresa broke it off. That's pretty light on the details overall.

But Jane was right, Greg was never the guy for Lisbon and even she agreed. I could only imagine what Lisbon was like at 17 but Greg said she looked strong and happy now. I'm sure the motherless 17-year old dealing with an alcoholic father and a bunch of wild brothers was anything but content.

I loved it when Jane called her intense and particular and then gave her examples of each. Wouldn't it be great if Teresa found someone who appreciated those qualities in her?  Hmm…

One of my favorite moments of the night was watching Jane chase crabs on the beach. For a man so haunted by his horrifying past, it's such a treat to see him act like a kid sometimes. Not to mention he was seriously cute.

But if Lisbon was revisiting lost love, Cho was losing his current one.

I've loved Summer and I've enjoyed that we've gotten to see a whole different side of Cho since he's been with her, but I knew it wasn't going to last. Summer's simply too reckless. She lied too often and too easily and we won't even get into the drug use. As Cho told her...

 I'm a cop. How did you think this was going to go? | permalink

She's got a huge heart but that didn't stop her from breaking both hers and Cho's.

What this storyline highlighted was what an incredible man Kimball Cho is. Most guys would have walked out on Summer as she sat there crying, high on cocaine, having just lied and stolen drugs - but not Cho.

He calmed down and came up with a plan that gave Summer a second chance to get her life back on track. It just won't be with him and, sadly, that's probably for the best.

All in all the case of the week really didn't hold my interest. Chasing the treasure seemed silly but Lance's answers were amusing. He said he only wanted to talk to Jay. Well, did he usually do his talking with a hammer? And he was shocked that Jay wanted half the treasure.  Umm.. the guy did haul it up from the ocean floor for him. Was wanting his half really such a shock?

In this The Mentalist quote, Van Pelt put it most succinctly…

Lance: I don't know what came over me.
Grace: It's called greed. | permalink

So were you a satisfied or disappointed with Lisbon's lost love? Do you want Summer back? Only two episodes left this season. What do you want to see from The Mentalist?


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a am always pleased to see that actor. He was wonderful on saving Grace. He did a nice job tonight,too.He okayed another good guy--not perfect, butgood.Since i don't care about the personal livs os any character expect cho, i didn'much care that they revealed little of Teresa's. I did think that cho made the best of a seriously bad situation. Summer has a chance. But she needs to stay gone. And i now like grace even liss than i already did. Miss Priss.She is like one of those odious ex-smokers,preaching unasked. Tiresome creeps.Teressa and that billionaire would get along, if he would just grow up.


Seriously? You people do realise this is a tv show and it's all make believe don't you? Get a life.


Yes, I do want Summer to come back. Not this season perhaps, but a year away getting her act together and returning would be a wonderful side story arc. Just because she was a prostitute doesn't mean she can't grow as a person and come back to the show. She had already started in the right direction you may recall, calling her job as a CI her "first grown up job." Are you saying no one who has ever gone down a bad path can ever be redeemed? Come on. As to Lisbon's old boyfriend... Meh. She can do way better. Which was the point :-)


What song was Summer "drumming" to when she was strung out? I enjoyed this episode, but was sad to see Cho and Summer part. Seeing Lisbon realize she is stronger was rewarding.


I enjoyed this episode. I also wanted more info on Lisbon's past. No quite enough given. The case was OK. I did feel that although Greg was not the one for Lisbon you could tell that she does have a longing for a family that she never had as a child, and when Rigsby came in and was gushing over being a father, you could see that she was happy for him, but sad that she has not experienced that. As for Summer, the actress played her very well. I did like what she brought out in Cho, but she is too reckless and I don't think she should be back. Lies and drugs always go together and rarely stop. I feel for Cho, but was glad that they gave him a little more then in the past.
I loved when he said to Grace, "you're giving dating advice", a little rough, but true. I'm looking forward to the last 2 episodes, I also think that Jane be a little changed next season.


I expect Season 5 will show us a somewhat different Patrick Jane, as well as new aspects of the rest of the cast Judging from the teasers Jane is in for a mid-series crisis that will push the plot in new directions. But don't expect Jane and Lisbon to get together after whatever relationship he has with the new Lorelei blows over. They certainly love each other quite deeply but it's a kind of brother-sister love. If they do get together (still a big IF) it will be at the end of the series. Bruno Heller and Jane said as much.


I still enjoy The Mentalist but I feel like it's been losing its way. A lot of the writing makes Jane out to be extremely smart and the rest of his team extremely stupid, and him figuring out the crime early and not telling anyone would start to wear extremely thin for the CBI even if he does close cases. They also stopped developing Lisbon even though she gets more screen time than the other three cops.


Bored with everything besides Cho and Van Pelt. I like that Jane found Jay in the cold open.


Another great episode. The crime was unremarkable but needed as a platform to build more characterization. We did get to see more of Lisbon and how she got to be the strong, reality based person she is. Same for Cho, another character who sees how things have to go and deals with it. Both seem to have accepted this. Patrick Jane still can't. Notice the look on his face when Brad introduced his daughter and mentioned his other two kids. Jane was in pain remembering how he'd lost his family forever. Simon Baker can say as much with one facial expression as with a whole page of dialogue. This episode appears to be the calm before th storm of the finale, when Jane succumbs to his inability to deal with what must be, as Lisbon and Cho do. Still don't know how Riggsby-with-baby fits into the overall plot. I do like that Van Pelt seems tougher since the O'Laughlin debacle.


I just loved the fact that Kenny Johnson (Greg) actually made it thru the entire show without getting blown up! Seems like most of the shows he's been in manage to blow him up somehow...last time being in Sons of Anarchy.

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