The Mentalist Review: A Wicked Game

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As many fans suspected after last week's episode, Patrick Jane was playing a long con. A very long con, and all in the hopes of luring out Red John. But in "The Crimson Hat," who really got played?

I loved the opening sequence where Jane meets Lorelei. Even the music set the mood, as Chris Isaac's Wicked Game played in the background. 

Jane Meets Lorelei

When Oscar told Jane that the dead mother he claimed to have spoken to had actually wasn't dead - but had run off with her aerobics instructor years ago - I literally laughed out loud. Jane's response? "That explains why she was so easy to contact."

Jane loves telling people what they want to hear. Of course, this time - along with getting paid handsomely for it - he also nearly got both of his legs broken. 

Apparently Red John had a generous streak. If he had to send a messenger, he couldn't have sent one more gorgeous. Then he ordered her to pay Jane's bail, sleep with him and cook him breakfast. What more could you ask for?

Patrick finally ended up in bed with someone and it ended up being a Red John disciple. A stunningly beautiful disciple, but still. That definitely tarnished the moment.

Unfortunately, Patrick didn't share his plan to snare Red John with anyone, including Lisbon. Teresa looked worried sick sitting in that church, praying for guidance on how to help Jane. It had been six long months and for once, I think even Jane felt guilty.

Horror was the only word to describe the look on Jane's face when he realized that the price for being allowed into Red John's inner sanctum was Teresa's death. 

From the look on Lisbon's face I couldn't tell if Jane had let her in on the plan when he walked into the CBI. Then, I realized that her shocked expression was due to his words, not the gun he pulled on her. In this The Mentalist quote, Jane told Lisbon,

 Good luck Teresa. Love you. | permalink

... just before he pulled the trigger. Apparently it was the last two words that threw her.

So do you think Darcy's the mole in the FBI? Red John only said he had a friend there. Once Darcy blew the whistle lots of other agents would have had the same information and could have passed it along. But what made Darcy so suspicious that she went down to the morgue to measure a faceless corpse? Who would even think to do that?

In the end, I wondered if Jane was going to lose a finger and I was sure they'd open that limo and find it empty. Instead Darcy opened that door to find the dead but horror-filled eyes of Luther Wainwright. Oh, what a terrifying way to die. 

From the moment Wainwright came on the scene I figured he was either Red John's next victim or another disciple. I really wish I had been wrong.

When Lisbon finally found a battered Patrick Jane what struck me was that she didn't touch him. She actually sat a couple of feet away as she asked if he was okay. He's the one who reached out for her hand to hold.

Will we see Lorelei again next season? Why was Jane so sure he could make her talk?  Will the rest of the CBI team forgive Jane for his long con and how it ended?  Is Lisbon now a target nd who in Hell is Red John?

The Mentalist managed to keep the Red John saga going for another season and delivered yet another twist. A wicked game, indeed.


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@huisclothes. OMG! What a horrible thought that Lorelei might be pregnant! Let's hope the writers don't go there. I couldn't stand it - and it would send Jane right over the edge, having lost one child and now THIS?! Let's hope Lorelei was on the pill and RJ didn't set this up for the ultimate gotcha! for Jane. But wouldn't Jane want to avoid this outcome, seeing as this was part of his plan? I am NOT going to even think of this! It's way too awful!


any way the decide to do it. Imagine you are the writer and you've got to come up with a human character who has done what Red John has done. It's an impossible task to make this seem even slightly realistic. Red John's powers are completely out of the realm of human possibility and this ridiculousness is making the show very frustrating. They almost have him - NO - he saw right through it - OF COURSE - or he had someone on the inside - OF COURSE - no matter what he's too smart and too connected. He cannot be human - its a vampire show - no he's an alien - no he's the Devil - that's it.


The examples you give of people with the type of influence you describe are all publicly known political leaders. They are not unknown to the world. Anyone with Red John's influence would have to be well-known. The way they've written it is like he has some godlike power to inspire devotion. Like he can pick out the damaged people and inspire in them complete devotion to his cause. All of those people dedicated to him and still NOONE but his devotees know who he is. How can this possibly be explained. It will be hugely unbelievable


@jennifer. agree with you about the jane with a gun thing. totally wrong for him. i think jane's physical reticence is part of his charm. he solves problems with his brain. also, why did he punch the policeman who came to his aid in the alley? was it to further cement his "rock bottom" image? to make red john see him as a man capable of random violence.? at least he remained in jane character when he whimpered so pitifully when loralei started to cut him.
i don't usually like to speculate about plot twists but, something just struck me. was loralei red john's lover? ewww. that would be a diabolical turn of events, if jane's contact with loralei gave him some kind of r.j. disease. what if she's pregnant? that would be the kick in the head to end all others.


The concept of an all-powerful agent with an extensive organization of people willing to do his bidding is not at all far-fetched. Look at history and current events and notice the ideologically driven behaviors that produce murder and suicide. Look at the mindless, destructive behavior of people in cults. Some people really can buy into a mindset like what is operating in the Red John operation. And it IS an operation - Visualize, of course. And someone is the mastermind behind it. It is monolithic, therefore totally controlling, with a philosophy of some kind of enlightenment that has appealed to those who become followers. Very believable at a basic level, however fictionalized for entertainment purposes.


Interesting suggestion that Jane is RJ. But, what to make of his wife and daughter. If he is RJ, does that mean he killed them? That would make for the most diabolical plot twist in the history of television. And, probably sour a ton of fans of the show. I agree that the RJ storyline has become too over the top. At this point, IF RJ has the kinds of connections that the writers have hinted he does, how could Jane possibly win? He's got nowhere to turn with any certainty of trust but within his own team. And, for how long can he even trust that? It seems RJ can get to anyone.


@rationalgal: interesting ideas for seasons 5 & 6 :). @huisclothes: I agree! Tbh, I’m conflicted and a little worried about the direction the writers want to take the show. I don’t want them to make Jane too dark and unlikeable; I don’t want him to lose his child-like enthusiasm and sense of fun. I remember the episode where Jane gave Todd Johnson advice, “If you truly want revenge you have to be hard. You have to be dishonest and devious and cold. You can't let people see what's really in your heart�. Jane certainly embodied all that in these last 2 episodes. I’m just hoping the writers keep the spirit of Jane’s character alive – charitable, compassionate, fun-loving and yes of course - deeply tormented. I thought season 3’s finale was awesome. When Jane killed who he thought was RJ, he was vulnerable and loveable. It bothers me now to see him comfortable with a gun.


way he has. There is no remotely plausible explanation for how Red John is able to control so many people so thoroughly and make them do his bidding. The producers have not figured out who Red John is yet because at this point they've given him so much power that he has to be either and alien, a vampire or a warlock. Its absolutely gotten to the point of absurdity. Please just do the inevitably disappointing reveal of Red John and wrap up the whole annoying and infuriating Red John nonsense and get on with the show after Red John.


I agree this Red John thing has gone on too long. Its just ridiculous at this point that they've had so much indirect contact with this guy but they can't figure out who he is. He's a serial killer anyway and the FBI would have a team dedicated to catching him. Also ridiculous is that he is able to seemingly make anyone do whatever he wants them to do. His reach is unlimited. He has disciples everywhere and he has no trouble recruiting new ones all the time. Who could do that? Honestly just try to imagine any remotely realistic explanation for this ability. There is absolutely no way they will be able to come up with a satisfying reveal for this. And I know this already. So get the inevitably disappointing reveal of Red John over with and get on with the show. Its just getting so frustrating to watch at this point. They've given Red John powers that no one could possibly have save for a king or a president and even then I doubt they'd be able to control people the way Red John does. The show has a great laid back feel and pace and interesting characters and the episodes that have nothing to do with Red John are fun to watch but the only joy in the Red John episodes is the hope that I may finally get to find out who Red John is and how he is so immensely powerful. I honestly don't think the producers have even decided and at this point its impossible to come up with any remotely plausible explanation for his power to influence people and to avoid detection. They will have to make Red John either an alien or a vsmpire (or maybe a whole group of vampires). In sumary, END THE RED JOHN NONSENSE!


Even though I'm getting tired of the hunt for Red John, almost all episodes by themselves are beautifully compelling in terms of drama and character development. The problem is the need for a TV series to make money, so they drag a plot out longer than necessary. Simon Baker should do movies, which don't have the ongoing need for ratings and ad revenue. I'd love to see Simon do something Shakespearean (watch The Affair of the Necklace if you don't agree) or something like The Descendents (he would do much better than George Clooney) or something like Biutiful (could do dark drama just as well as Xavier Bardam). He carries extremely diverse roles perfectly, actually embodying the characters. Such a great actor! Give him an Oscar-worthy script and he's a sure winner!!!

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