Will Serena Derail Dan and Blair on Gossip Girl?

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The end of this week's Gossip Girl, combined with the official season finale synopsis and rumors circulating online, have fans buzzing about possible developments between Dan and Serena in the season finale.

Could Dan's ex and Blair's BFF come between the couple?

There are plenty of unconfirmed reports out there regarding this, but the only thing TV Line has to say on the topic is that "Blair and Serena’s friendship will be hanging by a thread when the season ends."

Or sooner than that, once S reveals her secret (see sneak peek from earlier).

Chair Casino Pic

Other Gossip Girl season finale spoilers involve a recent set photo of Chuck and Blair at what looks like a casino (see above). TV Line's Michael Ausiello may be shedding light on this image when he reveals:

"Without naming the exact location, I can confirm that a portion of the finale is set overseas. I can also confirm that at least one of these characters will be traveling to the destination in question: Chuck, Serena, Blair, Dan."

The real question is which one(s), and whether it pertains to the photo above. We're sure you have plenty of theories on this matter, as well as Serena's potential role in the future of Dan and Blair.

The CW's official synopsis for "Return of the Ring" says that when Gossip Girl goes after Blair as she’s never done before, Serena admits she may have unintentionally played an important role in B’s latest nightmare.

It also says that by episode’s end, Blair will (finally) make a choice between the two men in her life... will it be Chuck or Dan? What do you think? Vote and share your comments with us below:

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@Elisa, I know that you now cheer for Serena and Dan too, and I hope that they will be together. I am rooting for Chuck and Blair too. You are well observed relations of Serena and Dan in season 1. Their flame of love at that time was the strongest, but I think the flame has never completely stopped burning. Love scenes between Serena and Dan were so powerful and sweet, that the relationship Dan and Blair are totally laughable. And best of all Serena and Dan have gained the trust. This was seen in season 2, after Bart fake death, when Serena was describing Dan as - her rock, on which she can always rely! I think for Serena that rock is needed now, and I hope that will understand Daniel Humphrey too.


@Zoran "And has also seen in the 22x5 episode, Chuck and Blair are just brilliant together.". Exactly! That episode really showed how strong the chemestry between the two of them is. I was melting in every single scene!
As you know, now I'm pro Derena too, and I really hope to see Serena and Dan actually going to Rome together!
Speaking of Derena and chemestry, I noticed, rewatching season 1, that they actually had the light and flawless chemestry Dair is supposed to have. Maybe it faded at the end of the season, but they really were happy! @Someone, really nice comment! I just wish I could read the final part! :D


@ Jessica Valure
Dan and Serena can not be friends! Because, Serena is the love of his life, and Dan's love of her life. Serena and Dan are like Ross and Rachel from Friends series!


@olivianicolee: like I replied to your comment in other article, several of us noticed that too.


oh dair fans. i love how they are so mad and saying things like " she's stringing dan then!" " she said dan had her heart!" la la la... it's like... REALLY!? NO WAY! she did that to Dan too!? Because i'm pretty sure right before she got with Dan she said I love chuck more and more each day. I'm sorry... but Im pretty sure that's a bigger thing then someone having someone's heart. They act like it would be a huge shock if she ended up with Chuck in the season finale. But im sorry... the bigger shock was after she was planning on running away with Chuck, and having a family with Chuck, telling Chuck she loves him more and more each day... the breaking Chuck's heart and getting with Dan... I'm sorry, Dair fan's I dont get where you're coming from! Doesn't happen to my ship either. -_- i'm pretty sure the Chair's have had to deal with a LOT more crap over the years then the Dair fans. It would make sense if she went with Chuck. BLAIR IS CONFUSED. Everything she said to Chuck then to hook up with Dan... is a lot more shocking... then what she has said to Dan. " Dan has my Heart" now i'm getting with Chuck... " I fall in love with Chuck more and more each day" now i'm getting with Dan. -_- we already know... how much she loves chuck scares her... she's said it a lot.
dan's obviously the safe choice.


I don't care what anyone says she Blair belongs with Dan not Chuck and for you who just said Dan was judgmental and self- righteous with Serena that is not true Dan is a good friend to Serena, and therefore that statement was not true


I agree completely. They need to let Dair come to a natural conclusion to allow them to stay friends. If Blair switches to Chuck again then she's learned nothing at all. I have no problem with a Chair reunion but I don't want it at the expense of Blair continuing to act like a wet mop and ruining what Dan and Blair have built between them over the last 2 seasons.


I am really hoping that serena and dan finally get back together, their relationship is what I like best about the show therefore bringing them back together in the end would be wonderful!


I think im the only person who noticed that dan lied to blair at the end of the episode on monday about no longer getting the offer to go away!


@ Florence
But Blair did not like Blair such that you described. Very Blair said that in the 21x5 episode. As soon as Blair realized that her place is beside to Chuck it would be better for her. And has also seen in the 22x5 episode, Chuck and Blair are just brilliant together.

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