Lost Girl Review: I'm a Monster

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Both Bo's past and future came to haunt her in "Raging Fae." Is she a monster? Or just an unintentional killer? Will that change in the future?

While it was not surprising that Bo unwittingly murdered someone when she first gained her succubus powers, the story surrounding her youth was unexpected. We found out that Bo grew up on her family's farm, as as a regular human girl would.

Bo Finds a Fae Fighting Ring

Her parents' indoctrination that sex was evil caused her to run when her boyfriend died after they were together. She had no one to help her understand her Fae nature. The arrival of Mel stirred up these old memories.

Bo was reminded that she was a killer. And, from the vision she had with the Nain Rouge, Bo was destined to be one again. What a horrible past and future to have to contemplate, especially when those she hurt and is to hurt in the future are people she cares about. The strong Bo lost her will. She was overcome by the belief that she is a monster and gave up in the fighting ring. For the first time since she entered the Fae world, Bo disintegrated.

It was in sharp contrast to her super succubus strength she used against the Lich.

The human with Fae powers case-of-the-week was the perfect set-up for Bo to give up. She avoided Mel and threw herself into the case. Despite pushing them away, fortunately Bo's friends were there to protect her. Kenzi, in particular, proved she is dedicated to Bo. Even to the extent of leaving everyone she has grown to love behind to runaway with Bo.

Lauren wouldn't let Bo push her away. Instead, Lauren declared her love. It was a heartfelt, albeit awkward moment. Just as when Lauren kissed Bo in front on Nadia, Bo had to remind Lauren about her girlfriend. Is it wrong of Lauren to continue to express these feelings? She does have a girlfriend and one that she is diligently trying to save. At the same time, Nadia is in a coma. Perhaps if Lauren pushes enough, Bo will give in to her. But, then what happens? We will have to wait to see.

One of the most touching moments of the episode (yes, one that caused my eyes to tear up), was when Mel forgave Bo for running away because Hale had revealed the "truth." In that moment, Bo's new family was confirmed. Hale went against his nature to lie for Bo. That Bo ran from a serial killer and entered witness protection was a believable and brilliant lie. It covered her actions, while making it such that she didn't have to run. Unfortunately, it didn't change the truth that Bo has to forever live with.

Overall, "Raging Fae" provided insight into both Bo's past and solidified her place in this new family has joined. Trick may have wanted to protect the Fae with Hale's lie, but they all acted to save Bo.

Odds and Ends

  • It seemed obvious that Mike's drink was tainted. But, it was a surprise to find out it was his son that was spiking it with Frog Fae Nectar. Nice twist.
  • It's sad to find out that all Bo's adoptive parents had from her past was a photo with her birth name on it.
  • Was Bo's refusal to use Dyson to heal strictly due to pushing everyone away? Or, is she still struggling a little with the end of their romance?
  • What the heck is up with The Ash? Last Monday, we found out The Ash had "his" head in a trunk. This time, he ordered Dyson to leave the case alone and then killed the gym owner with some nasty sharp teeth. (Have we seen those teeth on Lost Girl before? I don't think so, but they were very similar to one's seen on Supernatural.)
  • Even though Trick reassured Bo that her vision shouldn't be taken as truth, he had a concerned look on his face.


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Oh, and I think the new Ash is actually a dark fae disguised as a light fae, and that was proven by his big nasty teeth and his head in a box...I think that someone took over his body and is using him to undermine or corrupt the light fae.


I think this episode was surprising on many levels, especially the ending when we find out that Hale has used his Fae powers to get Mel to believe that Bo didn't kill her brother, but was instead in Witness protection because a serial killer killed her brother and saw Bo. I felt bad that Mel will never really know the truth, but at the same time, it would be a disaster for the Fae if she did, and a disaster for Bo as well. I was surprised and heartened to see Dyson and Bo working well together, and I was glad that Trick learned about Bo's vision with the Nain Rouge. This gives him a chance to find a way to get out of that situation, or change it. I think it was also surprising that Lauren revealed her love for Bo, when she's also in love with her frozen girlfriend. So she's wishy-washy in addition to being boring as a love interest.


I was mortified when Mel walked onto the stage with her mission to bring Bo to justice. I was amazed that the writers had suddenly begun to take Bo's past killings seriously; it's not like they've taken her killing very seriously since then, whether of the jerk in the bar in episode one or at any time since. I didn't really want to see Bo brought to justice -- that would hurt bad! -- but how could the writers bring her accidental and not so accidental misdeeds to the fore and then brush them away? They can't, not without looking like cheaters. And Mel's acceptance of Hale's lies is a very big, disappointing cheat.


I agree about the final Mel/Bo scene and it's implications.


I think it's fairly explicit that Lauren has spent five, desperate years tied to and trying to save Nadia. Bo is the light in that particular darkness. She is torn. The thought of Bo leaving drives her confession and when she realises what she's said, she doesn't know what to do with it. I actually like Dyson in this episode,he actually has a rare warmth to him, you'll know what I mean as the season progresses.

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