Royal Pains Review: Your Own Path

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Royal Pains saw Jill leave for a better position than she would have dreamed of, Hank and Evan fight for a new client and Divya launch a plan to try and bring the boys back together, only to find that the only appropriate course of action might be to bring in their father.

Yes, Divya sure had quite the busy hour dealing with all the changes in "A Guest House Divided."

Royal Trio

The turmoil, of course, was not strictly dealt with by Divya, as Paige made her long-awaited return to the Hamptons, albeit unexpectedly, only to find herself in the middle of the epic Lawson brother feud.


That's the question I've been frustratingly yelling at my television screen any time Hank and Evan appear together.

Poor Divya is so dead-set on making them come back together as a united HankMed front that she has resorted to sabotaging BOTH brothers in their separate endeavors, only to exacerbate the tensions.

She is much more devious and plotting than I think most fans, including myself, expected her to be. Personally, I like getting the opportunity to see this side of Divya.

If anything, it's Divya's plan and her gift to Jill that solidify the idea that HankMed truly is  family, and we're all hoping that it will continue to be so in the future, once this cold-snap passes.

Speaking of family, it seems Divya, realizing she is no match for sibling rivalry, has enlisted the services of one Eddie R. Lawson, who may be just what the doctor ordered to cure this chronic illness.

Henry Winkler likely returns for an extended Hamptons stay next week, and all Royal Pains fans are wondering what he could do any different to secure a cease fire.

It would be remiss of me to close this review without a discussion of Jill's long-anticipated (avoided?) departure from the Hamptons. Since I had been waiting for it since Royal Pains Season 3, I thought it would be an easily dealt with event. Actually experiencing it, however, brought up more feelings of sadness than I expected. I am actually truly sorry to see her go, even though I know what she's doing is so important.

What made the exit that much more saddening was the realization that her departure might only make the HankMed split easier, given that one of the people who was around to see it flourish was exiting in its time of need in some respects. At least as far as the emotional health of its two related contingent parts, Hank and Evan. She was a portion of the glue that held them together in some way, as Divya is, and to have her gone seems like a greater  loss in the grander scheme of things.

I place my faith that Eddie R. will function as a temporary fill-in in that capacity. It can only go up from here... we hope!?

Other Highlights:

  • Dr. Sacani referring to a potential client as morbidly obese.
  • Paige hugging Divya at the confession of her plan to bring Hank and Evan back together.
  • The return of Henry Winkler as Eddie R.
  • Divya's amazing necklace gift to Jill.
  • Evan's Bed Bug whatchamacallit cocoon for Jill.
  • Hank's scrapbook for Jill.
  • Jill's reference to HankMed as a "family" in her letter to Hank. 
  • Legionnaires disease causing Evan to freakout on Hank unnecessarily.
  • Paige returning and finally getting Evan's attention.

Who's excited for Winkler's return next week?!?


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It's sad that Jill is leaving. has the actress exited the show for good?


As for Henry Winkler: two thumbs up (get it like the Fonz use to do) there are some inconsistency on the show but I still love it.


One continuity note: Jill left her note with the delivery guy before she went to Africa, but included a comment about how beautiful it is there. Careless!


SMS, you seem rather focused on what Hank does and how Hank acts. Let's have a look at Evan. His fiancee comes home in the middle of the night, allegedly wakes him up, yet Evan doesn't remember. AND....even as he welcomes her home in the morning, he stops to record an idea on tape before he forgets it. Meanwhile, he had no idea that Paige had been fired (hence her early return) and it takes him 4 days to get around to having a meaningful conversation with her. Evan may be good at business, but he's missing some MAJOR social cues. Is THAT someone you want as a friend?


I appear to be in the minority, but I'm an Evan fan. Sorry Hank is still acting supeior and overbearing to Evan, even while he is personably floundering. I don't believe he can be effective without some kind of "Evan". So who wants to be treated with a straw (stop with the homemade doctor kit and get the Divyamobile back.). Personably, I would rather have Evan as a friend than Hank. He seems to give up rather quickly when bumps appear in the road. But of course, I want the band back together. Look forward to dad giving both of them a good shaking.


Sworn off the show. The premise always bothered me- tony clients getting first rate health care without having to sacrifice their social obligations (even the "royal" in the title sets my teeth on edge.)Only watched occasionally because of Divya and Jill. Always hated Evan and Eddie and Hank is just too smug.


I have no issue with their dad coming back I just wish we could get the Boris story going again


I am so over the fighting brothers storyline, and Evan behaved like a total idiot in last night's episode. I too prefer the Boris story lines to current ones. Heck, I like Dr. Sacani better than Evan at this point. At this point, I'm considering no longer watching the show - it's gotten that bad.


Jill has been threatening to leave for so long that I'm not sure what to make of her absence. It seems impossible that she will really be gone from the show, but to bring her back quickly would strain credulity. Anybody seen Boris? I would much rather see Boris than daddy. @DiamondLife: 'How could a letter Jill wrote just before leaving say "I wish yiu coukd see it here, it's so amazing"?' Funny! The African visuals pulled me in so well that I completely missed the obvious temporal problem. @Chandel: It's Dr. SACANI not CACANI. @Chandel: "WHEN WILL THESE TWO LEARN TO COMMUNICATE??????!!!!" About the same time Lucy and Ricky learn to communicate. In other words, never.


Not sorry to see Jill leave, never could stand Evan, way too selfish and immature - now, that character could leave as well.

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