Royal Pains Review: Equitable & Civil

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"Imperfect Storm" was an interesting step in the divergence of Hank and Evan's career goals and plans, but if there's one thing they can agree on, it's that they both love having Divya as an integral part of their teams.

Royal Pains is shaping up to bring back not only the things we love about summer and the Hamptons, but also about the relationships we've almost taken for granted over the course of the first three seasons.

Hank Examines a Client

New patients, new doctors and new complications hallmarked our weekly appointment with HankMed (2.0.?).

What are Hank and Evan doing? In almost every way it's obvious that these two are meant to work together. They are the Yin to each others Yang. SO WHY DO THEY REFUSE TO ACCEPT IT?

Hank does the doctoring, Evan does the marketing, Divya assists and the team works almost seamlessly. It's pretty simple, people.

The disjointedness of Hank and Evan's attempts to amicably split the business only emphasize the cohesiveness they once shared. The dissension is both sad and makes me want to wring their necks.

For this reason, I am so proud of Divya taking back control of the situation by choosing to equitably split her time between them Hank and Evan's HankMed 2.0. If there's one thing that will force these two to realize they were meant to collaborate, it's Divya. Her plea to them as her second, but at this time only, family emphasized this point.

It seems Divya will be taking a new and commanding role this season in more ways than one. She attempted to reestablish a relationship with her rather unwilling mother, but the most important part is that she's developed to the point that she's willing to voice that opinion in ways she hasn't before.

Divya Keeps Evan Quiet

Speaking of taking control, it seems that Jill's attempts to change her path and proceed to Uruguay were brought to a grinding halt when she received a call that her position in the faraway land had been filled. Now without a job or a house, Jill McGillicuddy is officially beached in the Hamptons.

I have to be honest, though, and say that I kind of saw this coming. She was all-talk for more than half a season before she made actual steps to begin selling her home and finding her replacement at Hamptons Heritage. She couldn't have lingered any longer without people beginning to ask her when she actually planned on leaving!

Guest stars also abounded this episode. Donal Logue returned as Ernie and Alexa Vega made a post-Spy Kids appearance this week as a character named Hollister. Not only do I love the name, but I loved seeing her all grown up. I almost didn't recognize her!

Also, who expected that storyline involving Luke?!? Sometimes I feel like he might become a regular on the show. We've seen him about three or four episodes now and he's an interesting and clever addition to the cast.

Are you over the HankMed feud yet? Are you excited to see how things may work out?


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Oh, how I hate the character of Jill Casey! She is just dead weight and really brings nothing to the show except for being Hank's on-off love interest. That would be OK if the makers didn't insist on putting her in every episode and not even half the time as the Hospital Admin! I mean, she's just there, with one or the other HankMed principal whenever something happens and she gets a part to play...aaarrrgghhhh! I was so happy with her having left the show, the new bunch (especially Dr. Sachani) is just so much fun to get to know but I just read somewhere that Jill is coming back.... can I say it? Please, NOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'm hoping she comes back just for the wedding or whatever other reason, just not back as a regular again, I truly find her tiresome :(


I'm so glad I'm not the only one sick of the feud. Are you TRYING to get the show cancelled? Please write yourselves out of this corner.


I know that the writers needed some sort of distress to break the smooth routine. But I do not like this sibling rivalry track. Evan and Hank are like someone said, Yin to each other's Yang. I hate to see them at each other's throats. I know Evan needed a more substantial role other than acting as a Guinea pig or being snubbed at for the most part. But this storyline is not convincing. The basic essence of Royal Pains will be lost if Evan and Hank split. Hook up Evan and Divya already. What is Evan doing with is nauseatingly sweet GF?


I agree with the general consensus. The Hank vs. Evan story line is getting old. It's used up and washed out. Also both character's only come off as childish to me, even Hank. And Evan always walks a thin line between being obnoxious and being a driven guy. After Wednesday's episode he's officially crossed over to being obnoxious at least for me.


Finally some good writing and plot twists. The storyline of Hank and Evan battling it out over who ideolgy is right or wrong is going to get OLD very quickly. The writers get warning #1, the best plot twist was the end of the show with Jill finall loosing her new career job and possibly..and I do mean possible Jill will help develop Hank's new business. Let hope the writers think CREATIVE and finally "do something" with Hank and JIll. Yhe storyline with Divya and the mother, the writers need to think "clever and Scheming." Do not let think idea go bland. This show has so many possibilites but the writing cannot be 1 deminsional.


i think i'm done with this show. the hank Vs evan crap is boring.


The writers need to end this fued. It's stupid and not entertaining at all. Fix it or I may lose interest.


yeah, I am tired of the feud between Hank and Evan. Unfortunately, I think it may go on a little while longer. With Divya splitting her time, and Jill out of a house and job, I'm sure something will eventually happen to bring them all together. I hope it does not take too long. Also, Jill not going was pretty obvious, since she kept staying. I want this show to get back to normal, and I would like to see Boris and his family back. A little too predictable, I hope this improves, because I do like watching the show.


I hate storylines like this, we all know they are going to realize their mistakes, hug, and then come back together. So this is an extreme waste of time. Also what happened to boris? Its like the main storyline for the series and he only appears 2\3 times a season now.


I hope they resolve this silly feud ASAP, as it is obvious that Hank doesn't work well without Evan and Evan doesn't work well without Hank. I've never been a fan of Evan-the-huckster and his constant snake-oil sales attitude toward HankMed, but Hank is loathe to do his own marketing and can't seem to get people on retainer or call them about his new phone number without bungling it, so it would appear he needs Evan. And I loved it when Divya held Evan's mouth shut...that was hilarious! I am curious about what is going to happen to Jill now that her job in Uraguay fell through. And I'm also curious, as MrWriteSF is, about what Boris will think of the HankMed split...will both still live in the guest house while running two concierge medicine businesses?

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