Supernatural Season 7 Report Card: B-

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We're back with another TV Fanatic Report Card.

With the 2011-2013 season in the books, we've been handing out grades for everything from The Vampire Diaries Season 3 (B) to Hawaii Five-0 Season 2 (B-).

Where does Supernatural Season 7 stack up against past seasons of this CW favorite? Staff writer Sean McKenna is here with his answer...


Best Episode: While I enjoyed the Castiel return in "The Born-Again Identity" and the wildly fun "Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie," "Meet the New Boss" still wins out for me. It was such a great intro with the Cas transformation from God to Leviathan and amped up the stakes and tension with great stand out acting from everyone. Jokes, emotional moments, and a great set up for the season. I just wish some of the follow up was on the same level.

Worst Episode: I said during mid season that the turducken plot of "How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters" just felt too silly and too farcical, but the idea was carried through multiple episodes and the concept of a silent killer was certainly a different take albeit not perfect. So that leaves me with "Shut Up, Dr. Phil," which I wanted to like because of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, but it was slow and lacking in Sam and Dean time. And their magic that could stop the Leviathan was never a plot that was brought back or explored.

Welcome, Castiel!

Best Character: I love the core characters, especially Sam and Dean, but the introduction of Garth won me over. It was something different and fun and he had an entertaining chemistry with the brothers. It was quirky cool while blending right into the Supernatural ideal. Best "New" Character?

Worst Character: The Leviathan may have been more dull than I wanted (where was the fierceness and evil shown in the premiere?), but Meg's return was rather bland. Her personality teetered on sarcastic and bored. Maybe she was there to set up for next season, but she was easily forgettable compared to her first incarnation in the series.

Most Underused Character: Crowley popped up here and there to make his wonderfully smarmy comments but I thought he would put up more of a fight against the Leviathan. And the amount of time he did stick around felt like more of a set up for Season 8 and showing that Sam and Dean underestimate the King of Hell. I just wish he had a little more to do than just hand over his blood in the final episodes.

Best/Worst Hallucination: Maybe worst for Sam but enjoyable for viewers was Lucifer as the buzzing fly in Sam's head. Mark Pellegrino nails it as the character bringing charismatically evil to our screens. He may not have been the real Lucifer per say but it was fun having him back.

Overall Grade: B-. I thought the cliffhanger was a cool left field turn and the return to the basic hunting was a nice throwback but the season lacked a streamlined story and purpose beyond "defeat the Leviathan." It felt like there were a lot of ideas thrown out (Sam's hallucination, morality of killing, Bobby as a ghost, Leviathan, Blood of the Fallen, Castiel gone crazy, etc) but perhaps too many to give enough time to thoroughly focus on them. Plus I never knew where the show was headed or what everything would lead up to even though I knew there was an inevitable face off. It was a roller coaster of really enjoyable episodes and then ones that had me scratching my head at times.

Hopes for Season 8: I love Supernatural and Sam and Dean, but perhaps a better feeling of continuity and rising stakes and yes, a scary and imposing bad guy, would help the show get back on track. I know it can be hard for a show that's been on this long to maintain the energy and spark that made it great in the first place, but I truly believe that it's still there and just needs to be pulled out.

And with a new show runner in Jeremy Carver, I have faith that he can revitalize it and re-kick start the show in a sense. I want to feel that anticipation, that creepy atmosphere, that fun fun dialogue that Jensen and Jared deliver wonderfully. The ingredients are all there, now it's time to put them all together. Bring on Season 8!

Sean McKenna is a TV Fanatic Staff Writer. Follow him on Twitter.


chuck shirley knowing everything about sam and deans life, vanishing into thin air lead me to believe he is god.chuck seems lonely and is scared to face a big threat and knows what sam and dean say before they say it.In "The dark side of the moon",Season 5. the angel gabriel says god talks to him and god sounds lonely.gabriel gives sam and dean gods message "Back off" and that he already knows what they want to tell him and that god knows about the apocalype and that he doesnt think its his problem.That sounds like something chuck would say. if your a fan and have seen seasons four and five, you know it makes sense.


I believe the first five seasons were the best. it should have ended with the apocalyse. how does it get any bigger than the apocalyse.Season 6 should have been about god.Chuck vanishing into thin air, knowing everything about sam and deansl


Don was more effective against the Leviathan than even Angels were.


So that leaves me with "Shut Up, Dr. Phil," which I wanted to like because of James Marsters and Charisma Carpenter, but it was slow and lacking in Sam and Dean time. And their magic that could stop the Leviathan was never a plot that was brought back or explored.
------------------------------------------------------------------- I liked that EP, but I was also surprised the season never returned to explore the magic that stopped the Leviathan. The spell Don used knocked the Leviathan cold for 3 days. A lot more effective than borax.


Seems to me that a show that was cancelled had about the same rating. The Secret Circle


bring GOD to the show. bring alternative reality . bring zombies. bring vodoo cult.


I thought this season was completely lacking. There was so much time wasted on useless things - i.e. the girl Sam met as a kid, who was then killed by Dean, or all those fillers - e.g. the pictures that came to life or something like. It was just so annoying. I honestly believe the show should've ended at Season 5, when we knew Sam was alive, Castiel was still good, Dean had a chance of a happy life, and Bobby had never the possibility of becoming a vengeful ghost.


I hope we get to see some more Garth next season. I like Garth, he's awesome. Can't wait for season 8!


Loved king of hell Crowley. Hopefully in future season we will get another arc-angels versus Lucifer battle. Jenson is the best at one-liners and facial expressions.Best of luck for 10 seasons.


I will miss Sera Gamble's touching scenes on her episodes, like Death's Door, and Survival of the Fittest when Bobby dies. Really touching scenes, I like touching scenes, hope Carver brings some of that next season.

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