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Liane Balaban has been cast in a major Supernatural Season 8 role.

The actress (Alphas) will recur this fall on The CW favorite as Amelia, a love interest for Sam described in casting notices as someone with a tortured soul, but also someone who proves to be "brave, sweet, smart and sarcastic."

She's also a doctor.

Liane Balaban

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She gonna die.


Unfortunately, women tend to 'not live' long on this show as 'love' interests or be visible in more than one episode because it would be making it 'normal' and we cannot have normal! The theme is always about the brothers and they cannot be saddled with permanent wives, girlfriends etc. I wouldn't mind seeing this character show up from time to time but definitely not to take anything away from the relationship of Sam and Dean or the story line. I was one of some fans who hated the Lisa/Ben story line and was so happy when it ended. I don't remember this actress from Alphas but I only watched it a few times. She kind of resembles Genevieve! Welcome aboard.


Hopefully this young lady will be allowed to live. Supernatural has a knack of killing off so many people. Fingers crossed for Dr Amelia.

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