Pretty Little Liars Review: One Squirrelly Evening

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After two weeks of waiting, we finally got to see Jenna's big "coming out" birthday bash.

Unfortunately, this Pretty Little Liars episode was disappointingly slow-paced with very few exciting revelations.

"That Girl is Poison" seemed like it was building to an interesting and crazy climax at Jenna's party, especially with Garrett being released from prison the same night. But all those expectations were let down when the party turned into kind of a bust. Usually after slower episodes like last week's "Birds of a Feather," the series returns with a much more excitement.

Too bad that didn't happen this week.

Party Time on PLL

When it comes to the A mystery(ies), what did we learn in this episode?

  • Someone drugged Emily with powerful sleeping pills the night Ali's body was stolen.
  • The same pills used to drug Emily were found in Lucas's camera bag, along with some negatives. But we don't know if any of those negatives contain the picture of the girls standing over Allison's grave.
  • Someone took Emily's jacket that night and then donated it to the church's charity drive.
  • Garrett left a note with his mother that said, "April Rose has the proof." Was the note for his mother or did he know Spencer was following him? Who is April Rose? 

And that's about it. It's not much to go on, and these little reveals only open up a whole new set of questions. It was rather frustrating to expect some wild drama at the party and end up with a rather bland evening.

Well, not totally bland. Emily and Paige are trying to reconnect, but things went sour when Paige got waaay too drunk at the party. It was odd that she felt the need to drink at the shindig anyway. It felt more like a plot contrivance so that Emily could find out about the drugs in her flask. Though I'm sure they had a better time at the party than they would have had watching that Katy Perry movie.

So, how do we feel about Emily and Paige hanging out again?

Ezra and Aria were present a lot during this episode. As a real couple, they had to deal with a real problem this week instead of constantly worrying about being caught in public. Ezra is having some financial difficulties, and Aria is trying to be helpful without, as Spencer puts it, taking away his nuts. Ezra isn't too happy with her helpful sandwiches, and it causes a bit of tension between them. Looks like they'll have to resolve some actual relationship problems.

Oh, wait! No, they don't! Luckily, Ezra gets a job that solves his financial crisis, and he buys Aria a very expensive camera. It's nice that he's employed, but it would've been nice to seem them deal with some real world issues for once.

In other Pretty Little Liars news, Lucas has developed quite the dangerous demeanor. He's been pretty surly lately, but I thought he might really hurt Aria if she didn't let him into the studio. I'm glad Ezra arrived to defuse the hostile tension between them.

Jenna seems to be getting cozy with Nate. Is she on the prowl for a new boyfriend or a new minion?

Speaking of on the prowl, Ashley met someone at the church charity drive. Her flirty banter with Ted was very adorable. Now, we just need to find someone for Ella.

Also, was it just me or were there a lot of really great Pretty Little Liars quotes this evening?


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Ezra only has money because he's A and he got the 10,000 off Jason. I dont care how far fetched these little theories of mine have to get, I just hate Ezra so much.


No mona this week?:(


Lucas is definitely getting creepier and creepier.


I personally thought this episode was super intense, but then again, aren’t they all? I like how the suspension keeps building each episode, and even though I want to find out who is part of the ‘A’ team, I love that the mystery is still alive. Every time I think I have a solid guess, something in an episode totally changes it for me and I’m left completely befuddled once again. Any idea how many people are part of the team? And, in other exciting news, I hear there are some really cute Ezria scenes coming up so get ready.


OMG PLL are becoming boring! I hope something interesting will happen soon or I'll stop watch them.


If Emily's flask of liquor was contaminated with the sleeping pills before she arrived at Spencer's for the slumber party why didnt it have the same affect on the other liars just sayin! by the way I'm starting to think that ezra might be the suprise member of the NAT Club that we dont know yet and there is something shady about maya's "cousin" Nate


Oh, and Ezra needs to get over himself. It's not that unusual for a woman (girl, in this case) to pay for things, when her man is out of work. It's only when he expects her to do so, that it becomes a problem...


No mention of the bag that A was going through, in the very last scene? The vial of pills that the gloved hand took out of the bag had Maya's name on them. That bag looked like it came from that rummage sale, but I first thought that it belonged to Paige--then I thought it might belong to Garrett's mother...

Leon alexis

I've liked Jenna. She's beautiful,too. her temper is really strong.


I really liked this episode

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Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Ashley: Do you have plans tomorrow?
Hanna: Uh, yeah. I'm going to listen to every sad song I've ever downloaded on repeat.

Spencer: He's your boyfriend, Aria. He's not a baby squirrel.
Aria: I was just trying to do the right thing.
Spencer: Totally wrong. Look, I've been there, I've done that. Every time you baby squirrel Ezra, you're taking away his nuts.
Aria: You did not just say that.