Supernatural Comic-Con Panel: Brothers, Unite!

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Supernatural is about to go on the offensive.

So teased showrunner Jeremy Carver just a few hours ago at the show's Comic-Con panel discussion, as cast and crew members offered up a bit of Supernatural Season 8 insight, starting with Carver's general tease:

Sam and Dean are “starting the season on the offense. They really want something. It ties in very deeply with the mythology [and is] something very near and dear to their hearts. They are very much united."

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Among other tidbits shared and teased:

  • Yes, Sam will be getting a love interest, but Dean? "I think the only real romance in Dean’s life is the car," joked Jensen Ackles.
  • When we see the boys again, they will have spent "more than a summer” apart," previewed Carver, adding: “The relationships that they made and their time off from each other will be very important in each of their lives, and they will have to come to terms with the new relationship in each of their lives."
  • Mark Sheppard will be back as Crowley. In what capacity? Said the actor: "We’re kind of chasing after the same thing, so it could be a problem.”
  • Misha Collins remained mum on when Castiel may appear again.
  • Will we ever meet God? “We will pull back from the heavy heavy mythology and give the brothers to [breathe]," said Carver, adding that Season 8 will featured “one over-arching mythology that will hopefully carry on for many, many more years.”

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Happy Birthday Jared 🎈. Also I would like to say a belated congrats on your's and Gen's new baby. He is beautiful in the father's day picture. �😊 What makes this show so great is everyone that works in front of the camera and behind the camera. The art that it takes to pull this off week after week is amazing (a few of many examples... Props, make-up, hair, lighting, and so many more I can't name them all). All of u guys have a great thing going. Don't stop! Just keep on keeping on. Now on a more personal not to Jared... As I said earlier me and my husband love the show (we own each season and 7 is on my Christmas wish list 😊). He is blind so I describe a lot to him. I'm no pro at describing shows to anyone so he misses a lot. The UK are more respectful than American to the blind by describing TV shows for the blind. Then post them on a website so they can enjoy them with their families by the blind person putting on headphones and listening to the show described. While others can watch. That way nobody misses anything. Will you please mention to the powers that be that they would have even more followers plus more respect if they would have the show described each week and posted on the SPN website. I challenge you and everyone affiliated with the show to just once blindfold yourselves and put a SPN show on and just listen. I have to say I can't make it thru a whole rerun of anything I've seen over and over again. I like to see the expression on the faces and what is going on. So please take this challenge and understand that when the show is described the blind will not miss anything ever again. Then broadcast it online so all blind people across the world can enjoy each episode. We r huge fans of the show and we love EVERYTHING about the show. We just wish it was more blind friendly. We love you all,


I want the show to keep going for as long as it stays good and there is a good story to tell. Any more seasons like season 7, and I'd say it's better to end it.


Well, i am so glad and hoping to see more than 10 Seasons of Supernatural. According to the spoilers i am excepting a damn awesome Season. Just love the Jeremy Carver's words... "Sam and Dean are “starting the season on the offense. They really want something. It ties in very deeply with the mythology [and is] something very near and dear to their hearts. They are very much united."
It's making me more desperate and excited for the new Season. As per the Supernatural Comic-Con Panel name Brothers, Unite! it seems like Winchester Bros are gonna be more united and strong than before for hunting whatever they'll be hunting. I love this show beyond infinity and i wish this show would never end and goes successfully like this forever!!!


Well at least the comments here are positive. At least for now. Most of the other sites that have coverage from Comic-Con have complaint after complaint in the comments section for Supernatural. We may be the most dedicated fans, but I think we also complain more too. Anyway, I'm exited for Season 8 and any other seasons to come. Yeah, I just happen to be one of those fans who just blindly follows Supernatural and practically worships every aspect of it.


So happy to see that Superatural is still so popular at Comin Con..please keep the news coming.
Bring on Season it Oct yet?


I know this might be impossible, but now that the show is already making history by being the longest running show on the CW, and the last WB standing, I'd love if to see the show reach 12 seasons to be longest running show on the WB and the longest sci-fi fantasy in America


So that means that season 8 and 9 won't be the end?! Those would be great news!!

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